Let Go, Let Flow: Take Five Thousand

Let Go, Let Flow…such a beautiful sentiment right?  Oh so yogic and spiritual in nature.  The sentiment brings up an image of me, walking down the beach, with a cool breeze in my hair as it bounces and behaves like this girl in this 1980s Pert shampoo commercial…

Ah yes, to have bouncing and behaving hair without a care in the world…..

My good friend Antonietta reminded me of this sentiment that was in a chick flick we used to watch when we were roommates.  You know the one with the hot guy (oh yeah all chick flicks have hot guys in them.)  Ok so it was “Something New” with the very hot Australian actor,  Simon Baker, who is American in the film (total buzz kill) but oh so sweet and kind and rugged with a big messy dog that gives kisses…ok sorry, getting back to my point…

Sanaa Lathan plays the female lead of an African American career woman who is uptight beyond measure and despritely in need of fun in her life.

In comes Simon Baker to mix things up and make her feel alive again.  Her friends tell her “oh girl Let Go and Let Flow!”  She takes the advice  gets rid of her extensions, lets her natural hair grow in, starts dating the hot Simon Baker and they proceed to paint her house in bright colors (everything in her life is beige, clothes, furniture, walls, all of it until now that is…:)


I re-watched the move (I own it like most chicks who like chick flicks) and I think….


I am far from a type cast of the lead.  Both my personality and my clothes tend to be colorful.  That being said, my life could use some sprucing up for sure.  When it comes to letting go my knuckles tend to look stark white.  I will go to tarot card/psychic readers I am friends with to hear the truth that I already know.  To hear how I need to take the steps that I already know I need to take.  To hear that I need to have faith that I am being cared for and protected.  I don’t only cognitively know this, I also intuitively feel it in every cell of my body but something old keeps me holding back until I can’t hold back any longer.

My spiritual friends laugh at me.  They tell me I am so funny.  My close friend Fran, who passed away a couple of years ago, used to tell me….

“You are like a whirling dervish.  You whirl and whirl and God laughs and laughs.”

By this she meant that I can spin all I want with my fears but God, Spirit, the Universe (whatever you call the energy) has their plan for you.

Now this may be a concept that you may or may not believe in.  For those of us that are Type A, the idea that some entity has some control over things can make it feel like someone is cheating you out of the credit for working hard to make your way in the world.  I think I used to feel that way…now not so much.  I have realized, despite my outward appearance at times, efforting can at times be a waste and when I am slower and using my energy wisely, I often am able to notice signs from the Universe leading the way forward.

While I really do believe this, old patterns die hard.  It is hard to let go and let flow because it requires us to step out of our own way.  It requires that we admit that maybe we don’t know everything and maybe a softer, lighter touch will get us further in life.

In growing my business, I have found that it is when I am more relaxed and taking care of myself that I have people contacting me about my services.  When I am in fear mode whirling as you will or working hard long hours on my computer trying to “make shit happen” I often find that I exhaust myself and I don’t actually tend to get anywhere but in a state of panic.

In these moments I often feel like

“Man all the effort I put out there and it is when I am doing nothing that things come to me?”

But maybe it’s not nothing that  I am doing but the something that is being done has to do with letting go.  It’s also key to acknowledge that it may actually be the fruits of my labor coming into fruition just in a way that I wouldn’t necessarily imagine it would.

Life is funny.

It unfolds in the oddest of ways.  Sometimes things come together with very little work and then other times it may be the efforts that were put forth that helped propel something into action.  Either way, I do believe that there is a force greater than all of us that is helping this process along.

What does not happen or work out, is not for us at that time.

Timing is everything.

I recently had someone contact me that I met last summer during what seemed like a passing conversation at a networking event. That phone call made me realize that you just never know when or how things will happen but you just have to trust that they will.

Life is unpredictable.  It can be a sh*t show or a beautiful array of flowers.  Most often it’s somewhere in between.

All we have to continue to do is show up, do the work of putting forth our intentions and then getting out of the way….

Let it Go, Let It Flow girl….

Anything else is just creating suffering.  Life is hard enough and we definitely don’t need more suffering.  So why don’t you try it?  What would life look like if you let go?  What do you think is holding you back from releasing your burdens?

So like Mikey said…”Try it, You’ll Like it!”

Cheers to letting it go!


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