“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” – Rumi

It is through the darkness that we are able to truly find the light.  We can’t expect to jettison over the tough parts of life and find happiness and joy.  What we resist in life persists.

Being super ambitious and Type A is a double edged sword.  On the one hand, you will never look back wishing you had done something you wanted to do.  The problem lies in HOW you did it.  Perfectionism and extreme drive create a harsh relationship with the self.  Everything works well as long as it’s going your way.  When things fall apart externally or do not go as you would like self esteem plummets.  Life can begin to feel bleak and hopeless.

Human beings are far more complex than machines; even cars need fuel in order to operate well.  Together we will help you get to the root of what is going on and heal from the inside out.  Rather than remain focused on getting rid of symptoms, our work will go more deeply to unravel this hard core drive helping you to let go of the parts that have become your personal jail cell.  My work focuses on work-life balance, interpersonal relationships, increasing self care, mindfulness, life/career transitions and overall stress and emotion management.

With a focus on wellness rather than illness, we will adopt a growth mindset rather than fixed.  A focus on labels and diagnosis requires that we adopt a rigid and fixed construct that can a limiting mind trap.  Instead we will embrace and build upon your strengths and passion for life.  This model embraces possibilities and fosters a attitude of flourishing.

We will utilize a focus on holistic health pulling upon my various trainings in yoga, mindfulness, nutrition, energy healing as well as various other coping skills I have picked up along the path of my career as a therapist which spans 18+ years.

My office is a shelter from the storms of life where we will meet over a cup of tea, chat about life and help you figure it all out.


“I know your tired, but come, this is the way.” – Rumi

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