My Story

My path of specializing in wellness for stress management came through my own healing from stress and burnout.  In this article in Huff Post I share my journey that began with hitting the wall with burnout in 2008 through my career as a social worker in the field of addictions.  I was in a state of constant malaise overwhelmed by stress affecting me on various levels. The yellow brick road that I traveled towards healing was laid with bricks constructed by various holistic health practioners. I sought out the support of yoga, mindfulness meditation, acupuncture, chiropractic care, deep tissue bodywork and an applied kinesiologist for nutritional counselling, cleanses and supplements.  The path was long and windy but over time I found that as I started feeling more stable on the inside, the outsides became much more manageable. Things started to fall in place with more ease.

This personal path led me to take professional trainings so that I could share these tools and wisdom with you.

Life has been a windy and bumpy ride which has led me to discover that I am a very resilient soul.  It is through this personal and professional journey that I am able to create a unique relationship with you to help you also discover your resilience within.  For me, the personal is the professional as I feel that the biggest tool I use with helping others is myself.  I need to be taking care of myself in order to instruct others on how to shift their own self care. I look forward to guiding you down your own yellow brick road towards a healthier and happier you!


Stephanie graduated from Boston College with her MSW in 1999.  She began her career working in the courts and corrections which then lead to working for 13+ years with substance abuse and trauma.  She worked for such prestigious institutions as Massachusetts General Hospital and Cambridge Health Alliance. She is an active member of the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce and the Harvard Square Business Association.

Stephanie holds certifications in yoga, nutrition, foundational herbal training and Reiki. Through her work she has been able to assist various professionals through their path of burnout including high level executives, software engineers, attorneys, scientists, individuals working in the tech and biotech industry as well as both employees and students from MIT and Harvard University.  Stephanie has presented on the gut brain connection, self care for caregivers and wellness for stress management.  She is enamored with the process of learning and is often keeping up to date through reading and attendance at conferences focused in the area of wellness and positive psychology.

Stephanie offers a unique and fresh perspective on “mental health.”  Her style of working with clients bridges the gap between coaching and therapy.


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