Confidence quietly says “I know I am worthy and I invite you to know that too.”

My Story

Confidence is subtle.  It is a peacefulness within that whispers “go on with your bad self!”  I found such a voice in the middle of a global pandemic where conformity was revered and authenticity was seen as self-centered.  It was this dichotomy that began a profound phase of self-acceptance and self-love.

I have always thought of myself as a resilient soul; someone who found a way to dust off after many storms.  The pandemic helped me to realize that resilience is not so much about managing stress or storms as it is about being anchored within myself in a stronger, more self assured way.  Resilience has given me the courage to live authentically, relating to the world in a more intentional way.  Living intentionally allows for clarity of vision and one’s mission in life therefore helping us to clearly mark our way forward.

I now invite you into this resilient dance with me.  The joy, the laughter, the tears are all welcome on the journey of finding your anchor within.  It is from finding what Stephen Covey terms “the changeless place within” that we are able to chart our life intentionally moment by moment and day by day.


Stephanie graduated from Boston College with her MSW in 1999.  With a history of working in corrections and addictions, she 25+ years of experience helping people create change to brighten their lives.

Stephanie holds certifications in yoga, nutrition, level I herbal apprenticeship, aromatherapy levels I & II,  and Reiki. Through her work she has been able to assist various professionals through their path of burnout including creatives, high level executives, software engineers, attorneys, scientists, individuals working in the tech and biotech industry as well as employees from MIT and Harvard University.  Stephanie has presented on building a positive mindset, the gut brain connection, self-care for caregivers and wellness for stress management.  She is enamored with the process of learning and growing.

Stephanie comes to her work with individuals and groups through a unique perspective (my approach) that has a foundation in the mind-body-spirit connection helping assist people build resilience through living an intentional life.  It is through this deep connection to ourselves that we are able to find our anchor within and chart our way forward.

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