My Approach

“That  nothing is static or fixed, that all is fleeting and impermanent, that is the first mark of existence.” Pema Chodron

In a post pandemic world, we are more intimately aware of the fact that everything in life is always changing. Any attachment to things staying the same is futile. This also holds true for parts of ourselves that no longer serve our highest self or that keep us stuck in old patterns. We have to be willing to release the old in order to bring in the new.

I offer an integrative perspective to personal growth. There are times when we can be betwixt and between; not miserable but not happy either.  At times we may find ourselves having gone adrift and need guidance in finding our anchor within.  It’s the old “life is living me, I am not living life.”  My work guides and mentors you towards getting quiet within to find the connection to what your heart and gut truly desire.

The framework that I utilize incorporates the physical, emotional, environmental nutritional and spiritual factors that lead towards well-being.  My approach has a foundation in the connection of the mind-body-spirit which views physical and mental health as intimately intertwined.  In my work, I incorporate Buddhist and positive psychology along with mindfulness meditation, yoga and various other skills to help individuals access wisdom within.  I also utilize key research on the gut brain connection (link to Harvard article brain-connection ) to inform how our diet is intimately linked to our emotional stability and overall well-being.

My style of working with people combines the warmth and humor of my personality with over 25+ years of professional experience. As I walk my talk, the personal becomes the professional.  I allow for authenticity in all areas of my life as I believe we are best served when we can all be free to be ourselves.

The focus is on releasing the past so you can more fully embrace the present and future.  Together we will work with a growth mindset to help you sit with those difficult questions and emotions, find your anchor within and go out into the world to make it happen!  Let’s team up and help you manifest your joy and happiness!  Cheers!

“Happiness is not ready made, it comes from your own actions.”  – Dalai Lama