I started working with Stephanie during a time when I was feeling lost, insecure and unfulfilled in life. I was drawn to Stephanie’s holistic approach  which has a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, all of which I found extremely helpful. She is also just a kind, joyful and empathetic person and always had a good sense of what I needed in our sessions. Stephanie not only helped me to articulate more clearly for myself what I wanted in life, but she challenged me to identify patterns that were preventing me from achieving my goals. With her help, I’ve gained back confidence that I thought was lost; I feel more connected to who I am and what I’m feeling; and I am much more present in my body. All of these things have helped me to achieve and make progress on my goals and overall, I just feel happier. After a year of working with Stephanie, I have found the confidence and presence of mind to take a big leap and embark on an exciting career change that is much more aligned with the life I want to live.

Emily, B.

Cambridge, MA

I came to work with Stephanie during COVID-19, as I felt the world falling apart around me. I am so grateful to her for guiding me through such a difficult time, but even more so for helping me reframe the way I engage with the world during times of good and bad. As a very left-brained, Type A person, I was used to rationalizing and deliberating everything about my choices, relationships, and actions. In our work together, I realized the ways in which that approach was no longer serving me. Stephanie helped guide me in significantly shifting my mindset around my need for control and to find more peace with uncertainty. Our work together helped me shift to moving through the world more openly, freely, and from the heart. This has led to changes big and small, including a cross-country move, a healthier relationship to my work, and a more compassionate view of myself. 

 Colleen K.

Somerville, MA

Meeting Stephanie has been an absolute gift and an uncannily timed one at that. As a foreign expat navigating immense life changes across professional and personal fronts, I found her philosophy and style to be just the right balance that I needed to soothe, educate and challenge my default go-go-go approach to life! She brings profound concepts of radical self-acceptance and integration into real-life context with tangible practices. Her unique blend of compassion and candor allows for a healthy space to walk the path of transformation.  She has been critical in helping establish an internal sense of grounding.  This allows me to engage with the changing landscape around me with curiosity and openness as opposed to just getting kicked around or giving in to a collapse.  Her mindset focused yoga workshops are supportive in bringing insights and strategies into practice.  Working with Stephanie has given me the courage to transverse from a survival mindset to a thriving mindset - and what an immensely magical journey that is!!

Pallavi V.

Boston, MA

As a regular student in Stephanie’s yoga classes, I’m so grateful to have also had the opportunity to attend one of her recent workshops!  She presented on the psychology behind building a positive mindset and she always includes these principles in her yoga classes as well.  Stephanie has an unmatched ability to guide you through discomfort and one out stronger on the other side!  I look forward to working with her each and every week! 

Brenna A.

Waltham, MA

When I first met Stephanie, I was dealing with increased anxiety, sleep issues and poor eating habits. Stephanie helped me identify the root cause of these issues. Through our work I developed a meditation and yoga practice which has helped ground me.  I have also set better boundaries with work and key people in my life. Stephanie’s positive mindset yoga workshop was transformative in helping me be proactive about my self-care.  I am grateful to now have more of a thriving mindset! 

Fernanda R.

Cambridge, MA