I sought out therapy from Stephanie during a time when I was feeling lost, insecure and unfulfilled in life. I was drawn to Stephanie’s holistic approach to therapy - she uses a combination of therapy and coaching and has a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, all of which I found extremely helpful. She is also just a kind, joyful and empathetic person and always had a good sense of what I needed in our sessions. Stephanie not only helped me to articulate more clearly for myself what I wanted in life, but she challenged me to identify patterns that were preventing me from achieving my goals. With her help, I’ve gained back confidence that I thought was lost; I feel more connected to who I am and what I’m feeling; and I am much more present in my body. All of these things have helped me to achieve and make progress on my goals and overall, I just feel happier. Throughout our sessions, Stephanie suggested a number of useful resources that I continue to refer back to and I’m grateful to have these in my personal “toolbox”. After a year of working with Stephanie, I have found the confidence and presence of mind to take a big leap and embark on an exciting career change that is much more aligned with the life I want to live.

Emily, B.

Cambridge, MA

Starting my PhD program brought up a lot of anxiety. Due to being a perfectionist and Type A personality, I had difficulty adjusting to this high-pressure environment.  Through working with Stephanie, I have been able to better manage my anxiety through mindfulness practices.  She also helped me work through my perfectionistic tendencies so that I could show myself more love and kindness on a daily basis. With her advice, expertise, and genuine warmth, Stephanie was able to put me on a path to mental wellness and see the bigger picture in life. Our work helped me to see the connection between food and mood and changing my diet has been a way of caring for myself on a deeper level. I now see that there is more to life than living on autopilot. I used to define my self-worth with professional accomplishments, but Stephanie has helped me to expand my world view and my outlook on life. Thanks to this work, I have greatly reformed how I value work/life balance and what type of life I want to build for myself. Stephanie has empowered me to chase my happiness and to live with greater intention. 

Tatiana N.

Cambridge, MA

I came to work with Stephanie during COVID-19, as I felt the world falling apart around me. I am so grateful to her for guiding me through such a difficult time, but even more so for helping me reframe the way I engage with the world during times of good and bad. As a very left-brained, Type A person, I was used to rationalizing and deliberating everything about my choices, relationships, and actions. In our work together, I realized the ways in which that approach was no longer serving me. Stephanie helped guide me in significantly shifting my mindset around my need for control and to find more peace with uncertainty. Our work together helped me shift to moving through the world more openly, freely, and from the heart. This has led to changes big and small, including a cross-country move, a healthier relationship to my work, and a more compassionate view of myself. 

 Colleen K.

Somerville, MA

I have had the pleasure of benefiting from Stephanie’s insights, counsel, and guidance for the past year. I came to her in the midst of personal and professional crisis where on a daily basis I was feeling unmotivated and overwhelmed. Stephanie has seen it all, and her unflappable demeanor, ability to recognize patterns that aren’t serving an individual, and intuitive sense of when to listen and when to offer feedback has enabled me to partner with her in living more intentionally and achieving a level of happiness I never thought possible. It’s hard to imagine how often my thoughts were clouded by feelings of inadequacy and Imposter Syndrome before I started working with Stephanie. Stephanie has been there for me through grief, transition, existential crisis, and relationship conflict and her holistic approach has encouraged me to develop the tools I need to feel more grounded and capable of trusting my own judgment and living in my skin. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Jackie T.

Boston, MA

I saw Stephanie for a few years while living in Boston which ended when I moved to Washington, D.C.  Around a year later we began working together again during the pandemic.  These times have been both very challenging and transformative. I was dealing with a lot of isolation and feeling stuck, which ultimately pushed me to really examine what I wanted my life to look like. I've always been a very ambitious, career-oriented person, and I realized that I had lost the balance between my work and my joy. I have spent the last year working with Stephanie to pursue the next chapter of my life and find what truly drives me. I realized that I was relying upon work to be my anchor rather than finding my anchor from within.  Our work has helped me envision a future career shift that is more in line with my passion.  I am very grateful for my work with Stephanie as it has empowered me to learn that I have agency in the direction that my life takes.  Knowing this has made all the difference in how I feel about my life as a whole!

Leslie Y.

Washington, D.C.

Meeting Stephanie has been an absolute gift and an uncannily timed one at that. As a foreign expat navigating immense life changes across professional and personal fronts, I found her philosophy and style to be just the right balance that I needed to soothe, educate and challenge my default go-go-go approach to life! She brings profound concepts of radical self-acceptance and integration into real-life context with tangible practices. Her unique blend of compassion and candor allows for a healthy space to walk the path of transformation. It has given me the courage to transverse from a survival mindset into a thriving mindset - and what an immensely magical journey that is!

Pallavi V.

Boston, MA

Stephanie helped me though a very difficult year during the pandemic.  Even during the most difficult moments, she didn't allow me to lose sight of other important work we were doing together; which was to really create the life I want for myself personally and professionally. She helped me gain awareness of the self-imposed roadblocks to creating this life and strategies for making the path easier and clearer. One profound example of this was grappling with the decision to have another child. My fear and stress were making it hard to get clarity. Stephanie posed a question: "What does your gut say?" I had honestly lost sense of my intuition and the desires of my heart in favor of relying upon my intellect to make decisions. It was a simple, but critical reframe. I'm now, happily, in my second trimester. This was just one of the many lessons I learned working with Stephanie, all of which I will carry with me for a lifetime.

Lauren C.

Somerville, MA