Are you ambitious, driven, and...
about to snap?

No worries.
Chill out.
I got you.

About Me

Stephanie holds certifications in yoga, nutrition, foundational herbal training and Reiki. Through her work she has been able to assist various professionals through their path of burnout including high level executives, software engineers, attorneys, scientists, individuals working in the tech and biotech industry as well as both employees and students from MIT and Harvard University.  Stephanie has presented on the gut brain connection, self care for caregivers and wellness for stress management.  She is enamored with the process of learning and is often keeping up to date through reading and attendance at conferences focused in the area of wellness and positive psychology.


Stephanie has helped a broad range of professionals navigate through burnout
and achieve a balanced life. Her success stories include
high-level executives in diverse sectors:

software engineers  •   individuals working in the tech & biotech industry  •  scientists

attorneys  •  post grad students and employees from Harvard and MIT  •  and others...


After a year of working with Stephanie, I have found the confidence and presence of mind to take a big leap and embark on an exciting career change that is much more aligned with the life I want to live.

Emily B.
Somerville, MA

Stephanie helped me work through my perfectionistic tendencies so that I could show myself more love and kindness on a daily basis. She put me on a path to mental wellness and healing that otherwise I would have not been able to obtain on my own.

Tatiana N.
Cambridge, MA

I came to Stephanie needing to make a change, and her holistic, rather than analytic, approach has provided me with a roadmap to navigate a difficult period of my life….Every session with Stephanie leaves me feeling hopeful that I have made another step along this path.

Niklas T.
Boston, MA

I am so grateful that I have found Stephanie. She brings a fresh holistic approach focused on the mind, body and spirit. The discovery and growth that I have encountered during my sessions with her are truly invaluable and have helped me to live a more fulfilling life.

Kelly B.
Boston, MA

What I Do

My program is two-fold.  I work with people individually focusing on utilizing an integrative approach to healing which includes mindfulness, Buddhist and positive psychology, yoga and nutrition.  This integrative approach acknowledges that stress is not just in your head but the effects of stress exist throughout your body affecting your emotions and spirit.  We will devise an individualized plan to help you work on healing the roots of your stress helping to unlock your passion and zest for life.

My second offering, Anchoring Resilience, is a group based program facilitated in the corporate sector providing a wellness approach to stress management.  This program focuses on helping individuals better manage stress both at home and in the work place.  Anchoring Resilience can be offered in 12 or 6 week 1 hour sessions or as a one day workshop.

My Approach

Here there are no labels, diagnosis, medications, or carbon copied “treatments” offered by the masses as a quick fix to what ails you. My approach is focused on wellness not illness. You are my client not my patient.  Together we make a team with the goal of helping you to manage your emotions and build resilience to stress.

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