Making Peace with the Battle Within

Making peace with the battle within today is going to be a challenge for most of us! Why you ask?  Well because it’s a full moon and lunar eclipse silly.  This means it is a bit CRAY CRAY all over the place!

Oddly, this full moon is called a “snow moon.”  Odd because we just had a major snow storm in Boston which generally means that the world is coming to an end and it’s possible that we will never be able to get out of our houses again.  That may sound a bit dramatic, but if you are from New England or if you have ever lived here, you know I do not lie.

Astrologers have predicted that the full moon lunar eclipse was going to bring about endings.  But not really the kind of endings that are connected to the apocalypse but more the kind of endings that have to do with swinging a door open for brand new beginnings.  And today has just been that kind of day for sure!  It has been eventful and if astrologers are right on with predictions the next couple of weeks between the eclipses will not be short on events that are full.

As we discussed in our last chat Where Love Lies, Fear Has No Place life has already been intense with beginnings and endings.  I am starting to get used to the roller coaster ride as I know that what is happening is setting up the foundation for something really beautiful.

The process of closing doors and opening windows is not the stuff of the faint of heart.  I have found this to be the most exciting and scary time of my life as it requires the workings of faith.  A reader of our last tea chat wrote to me that love has to do with having faith and that fear is the opposite of faith.  This gave me pause.  While on the one hand I felt like it was very much like what we talked about in our chat, I did get the point that ultimately where faith is, fear can not be.

In order to walk down a new path, you need to carry faith with you.  New beginnings are never born from old worn out beliefs that limit your potential.

I have realized that if I want something different then I need to be ALL IN or not at all.

You can’t  walk forward with a load of  crappy “ya buts” in your head and expect hearts and rainbows.  It’s like chewing on junk food and expecting to have a body full of energy and vigor.


While most motivational speakers and self help junkies write about this stuff all the time,  I can honestly say I am really noticing the effects of it all these days.  Believe you can and so much gets accomplished.  Believe you can’t and you spend the day in your head wondering what the hell you were thinking expecting that things would work out.  It’s a constant battle that must come to a seize fire if anything positive is to occur.

Making peace with the battle within to me is all about self compassion. And ultimately self compassion is all about


Yup, it all comes back to love.

In those moments when we are able to make peace and find stillness we are able to feel the beating of our own heart. We are able to feel the beauty that is in the ability to just be alive.  Being alive is a gift.  There are many people whose life has ended far too soon.  But yet, you and me, we are still here; breathing and flowing.

We are HERE and THAT is a gift.

Everything about life is a gift; all the good and the not so good.  It’s ALL a part of living.

We often want to block out what doesn’t feel so good and make the good feelings last forever.  That’s not possible.  We don’t get to pick and choose what emotions we numb.  When we numb emotion we numb our ability to fully live.

Numbing pain means we are also numbing love.  Therefore, making peace with the battle within has to mean that we allow ourselves to actually FEEL our own pain.   It is in this place that we are then able to access love.

Lately I have been, at times, tangled up in a net of emotions.  Some feel good.  Others feel like open sores.  It’s during these times when I am most challenged that I know I need to be compassionate to myself.  Often we want to receive comfort from other people.  While being taken care of feels really nice. giving yourself what you need to make peace within takes you a lot further in life.  It’s the ole

Give a person a fish, you’ll feed them for a day.

Teach a person to fish and you feed them for life.

The act of giving compassion to myself is actually the times when I am showing myself


Taking the time to make peace with the battle within and being  mindful is all about


It’s about eating dark leafy greens rather than greasy fried food.  It’s about carrying faith in your back pocket and knowing that you are stronger than you think.  It’s about knowing that when you do good, good comes back to you.  I often talk to my clients about the fact that health and wellness is not about living a long life, although it’s possible that this is a by product of being healthy.  It’s actually about increasing your quality of life.  For me when I calm the battle within and do the next right thing to take care of myself, EVERYTHING about life just gets a little easier.

It takes commitment.

It takes effort.

It does mean that you will need to accept your humanness and feel your feelings.


The gifts of committing to calming your insides is that you feel a deeper sense of inner peace and that is


Come on this journey with me and make peace with the battle within.

Know you are worth it.

Know that you are stronger than you think.

Know that when you have faith, only LOVE can be in your heart.

Know that while the process of being still, being real, being authentic and being connected to your emotions feels tough at times, it does lead you towards the true gifts in life.

That gift is FREEDOM.  When you feel, you allow yourself to be free.

And in that place of freedom there can only be


Cheers to making peace with the battle within!

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