Follow the Energy


And so it is…vacation is over and back to work I go.  It has been a very interesting couple of weeks I must say; full of work (fortunately and not so much)  as well as play.  The play part….was fun of course but it helped me to realize something about the work part as well.  What is that you say??  In response I tell you to

Follow the Energy

I can hear you now…”oh god this isn’t yet ANOTHER conversation with someone who is going to tell me to just breathe and believe in some new age mumbo jumbo BS, is it?!”  To which I will No and Yes.  I hear you.  When people tell me to just slow down and breathe and believe and all that crap sometimes I  (yes this spiritual yoga teacher) wants to punch them in the face and give them a few choice words.  It is not easy to slow down when your whole life you have been moving at the speed of Road Runner.  My head…it tends to be like Tigger…much like my body as well.  No surprise Tigger was my fav Pooh character when I was young!  But just listen….and listen good….it’s all true!  I know, I know but it is and I will tell you why…

So here it goes….don’t get mad at the messenger now.  I have begun to find that when I start to pay attention to the more subtle energy around me, things become clear.  It’s like the day when I decided in my kitchen that I was tired of the same old message going on about addiction recovery and I said “screw it” and created my project, Soba Yoga, yoga for recovery.  It wasn’t like I hadn’t been frustrated before or that the feelings that bubbled up that day were really any different than on any other day but it was THAT day that I listen.  What was I doing at the time?  Cooking and reading some article on Facebook that made my blood boil!  It was this voice inside me that told me to DO SOMETHING!  And I listened and here we are…close to a year ago that day….and Soba Yoga is up and going.  It took about three months to formulate the mission, get a logo and marketing materials, get yoga studios to sign on and we were off.

But how easily I forget….that planning a wellness coaching business can be


Instead I spend most of my time planning and plotting, researching, talking, (to be honest worrying)…



Follow the Energy

So sometimes over vacation I was able to do that. I would get a feeling about doing something and follow it.  Like the day that I went to the beach and took the picture up above.  It was a day that was SUPPOSED to be a great beach day.  But if you know anything about Boston you know that the weather…let’s just say it’s not very predictable.  The running gag is that being a weather man in New England is got to be the BEST, HIGHEST paying gig around where it’s built in that you won’t be right.  So when I got home from teaching yoga, the clouds were dark and the day looked gloomy.  My mood was the same.  I was about to fall asleep on the couch when something inside me said…GOOOOOOOO.  So I did.  I went for a drive to Rockport, MA where all I could see were blue skies…


and where I had some mussels AGAIN (as I am committed to eating as much seafood as possible)


and guess what happened too?????  I got an FB message from an old high school buddy who lives in Rockport and she came to visit me at the restaurant where I was eating.

Wicked cool, right?

And that wasn’t the only thing that happened to me over vacation that was a little Woo Woo.

I have been actually have A LOT of woo woo experiences lately.

Building my wellness coaching business at times is getting me way overwhelmed and way too much in my head.  So when I take a moment to slow down and breathe I see and feel EVERYTHING around me.

Following the energy is really about slowing down long enough so that you can be in the moment with your inner knowing.  Using that inner compass to help guide you makes life so much easier.

Decisions come quicker

And I am HAPPIER…who would have thunk?!

So need I say more?

Being in the Moment=Happy


Wellness=Follow the Energy

I am a hard headed soul.  I am a hard worker who is at times realizing that I work TOO DAMN HARD!  My guess is maybe you do too.

So take a break for today and Follow the EnergySee where it takes you.  My guess is you will be totally completely wickedly surprised JUST LIKE ME:)


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