Fly Baby Fly


Here we are….it’s the Full Strawberry Moon. Thank god as I always say when the full moon finally arrives. I am a very sensitive delicate flower (chuckles in the background from the peanut gallery that know me.) But honestly, yes I am super sensitive and the full moon tends to make me a little crazy. My nervous system goes haywire and I sleep less than I already do. So when the moon goes full I am ready to howl at it. This Full Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius and is said to be about fully embracing new beginnings. For more info see this article in Elephant Journal Full Moon in Sagittarius .  Have you been feeling this lately? Man have I ever. This time around Mercury going into Retrograde has been fully seeing things clearly in a way that I haven’t totally been able to up until this point. I mean I knew stuff but I didn’t KNOW stuff. Things were revealed over the past couple weeks that have pushed me forward in huge ways. Things are shifting around at lightening speed and the deck chairs are rearranging so to speak. I have had some relationships that needed working on that are being worked out. I have had things being revealed about relationships that seem will never work which has me moving in another direction.

I took some time to go to the ocean over the weekend and took this money shot. After a gorgeous day on Saturday, Boston has returned to Fall weather which hasn’t totally been bad. It gave me some time to stop and reflect; to slow down and restore. As I look at this picture, I see myself as the bird. Still down low but preparing for great flight. As I settle down into myself and think about new beginnings, I see that the thing that have been needed for some time has been a deeper sense of belief in myself. I am seeing crystal clear that I kept certain situations in my life longer than I could have as I as trying to hold out for a miracle to happen. Meanwhile being in the environment that was oppressive was very much affecting my wing span. During our last tea time chat You and Me with Tea: Leading with Your Heart I shared that stepping out on faith reminds me of the scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where he steps out where he feels there is no bridge to catch him and sudden a bridge reveals itself. Lately I have been slowly taking those steps and interestingly the bridge is also revealing itself. I call someone that was referred to me from someone one and they are excited to speak to me. I then go on to call the person that they suggest for me to call and they too seem intrigued and interested. Networking has begun to remind me of that Faberge Organic Shampoo commercial from the 80s. You remember it right? Heather Locklear is here in this YouTube video to refresh your memory

As she says in the commercial

You tell two friends and they tell two friends and so on and so on and so on.

It is so much like that. It has become this fascinating fun way of meeting new people and keeping up my spirits around next steps. I am so enjoying the process these days. That is not to say that I am not feeling all my usual jitters and struggles with letting go of the past but little by little I am beginning to take flight. The key piece is to begin to see the connection within everything. As they say in AA “nothing happens in God’s world by mistake.” I truly believe that if you are to believe in a spiritual energy then you have to believe that things happen as they should and in the time that they should. There are no mistakes. I know for myself that I needed certain things to occur to help me get to the place that I am in right now. I am also beginning to see that because of certain things occurring, there are certain people in my life to help my flight now. They wouldn’t have been in my life previously if I chose to push myself beyond what I was capable of a while ago.

Taking flight is a precarious thing. You can see that if you have ever had the gift of seeing a baby bird leave it’s nest. You probably have seen it in others and maybe have even witnessed it within yourself. You have to do so with great compassion and love because it comes with it’s challenges; most of which are emotional. You need to find that place within where anything is possible. Where the place that you are in is uncomfortable enough for you to seek out uncharted territory. Whatever the change is that you are making, it always exhibits itself in familiar ways. There is that cautious apprehension. The crawling before the walking. Then comes the running towards what is desired. Enjoy the process. Each and every step. Enjoy it with love. Bask in the moment as it reveals itself.

Take the steps that are needed to take to prepare for flight. If your anything like me those lift offs often come with a feeling of nausea but once flight occurs, it’s sweet sailing.

Cheers to you as you FLY BABY FLY!

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