Bring Faith into Action

Faith is a funny topic.  So many people attach to their particular belief system as a part of their identity.  We all want something that will save us.  We are all just looking for some relief from our pain.  The concept of a deity or savoir watching over and protecting us feels very safe and secure.  So one would think that it would just be the people without such a belief system who worry…right?  Because if you have a deity they are taking care of it all correct?


Nothing could be further from the truth.

Those that spend their time and energy worrying are not lacking in a belief system.  What they are lacking is taking their  faith and putting it into action.

How do I know this?

Because I tend to be one of those people.

Worry here, worry there….worry, worry, worry.

Why you ask?

I dunno…maybe because I am Italian.  Or maybe because I think too much or maybe, just maybe….it’s because I am not putting enough action behind my faith.

When life has you all tied up into knots, it’s because you are lapsing in the awareness that you are more than just a physical being.  The part of life that is happening on the physical plane is just a small piece of reality.

We are so much more than just physical human beings…we are spiritual souls, right?  At least that is what those of us with spiritual beliefs adhere to in our minds.

So if this is really the case….if we are really more than our physical body, they our lives are also more than what we experience in the physical world on a day to day basis.

When we carry our faith with us to work, to school, in our cars, into our relationships, then we are able to experience this mind-body-spirit connection pretty seamlessly.  But when we forget about our own spirit and it’s connection to the infinite wisdom that is (i.e. God, Spirit, Allah, Jehovah,  Buddha, etc) then we experience worry and fear.

Worry and fear comes from a lack of bringing our faith into being in our everyday life.  In our chat, Where Love Lies, Fear Has No Place we talked about how love and fear can not exist together.  Love is the emotion that comes from bring faith into action.  When we let go of fear, it becomes easier and easier to show love to ourselves and others.

You may be wondering why I am pondering such intense issues on this very cold winter day.

It’s because I had an experience  recently that brought it all home for me.  I have held a lot of fear in my body about a certain situation that needed to occur in order for me to step forward.  I did the typical thing that I do which is act like it’s not there.  I did that for as long as I could stand it until I couldn’t anymore.

Recently I decided to stop avoiding and faced that which I was most afraid of head on.  I found out that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but it still wasn’t pretty.  Instead of digging deep into my faith, I continued to project all sorts of awful thoughts onto the situation and tie all those knots tighter and tighter until I could barely breathe.

Then after all that torment, I decided to  again I faced it head on.  What did I find out you want to know?  Well again, not only was it not as bad as I thought it was, it was SO much better than I could have ever allowed myself to imagine.

Hmmmm there seems to be some lesson here…something I am meant to learn.

I believe it’s that in life you must bring your faith into every aspect of your life.  You can’t jsut adopt some spiritual belief and then leave it at the door when you walk into the world.  You must actively make it a part of your every day life.  Every day, in every way.

Like with any really challenging situation that has happened to me, I am always so very grateful when I come through to the other side because there is always a lesson for me to learn.  Bringing my faith into every part of my life is critical.

I am so grateful for this and every lesson in life.  Hearts, like the one above in my hot chocolate have been EVERYWHERE lately.  So….I think I’ll take it all in stride knowing spirit, especially my grandmother’s spirit, is riding shot gun right along side me:)

Cheers to bringing faith into action!

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