Everything that Dies Someday Comes Back


To complete the line it goes

“Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty, and meet me tonight in Atlantic City.”

Any Bruce fan can sing that in their sleep.  And here’s the Boss to tell you about it himself….


I saw this sign a few weeks ago in front of a new antique shop in my neighborhood and it made me stop in my tracks.  A) because Bruce is close to my heart.  I used to be a HUGE Bruce fan when I was young and his music always brings a smile to my face but more importantly B) this line made me think about the year I have had thus far.

This year has been chuck full of loss, grief, and letting go; snake skins shedding all over the place. It’s been messy, it’s been sad, it’s been transforming and enlightening.   The year of transformation that never wants to end. Liberation is finally beginning to settle in and that is feeling really, really nice.   Like the resilient soul I have always been, I have been taking the punches and turning lemons into lemon aid.  This process lately has not been very easy.  Pain hurts and feeling the “ouch” sucks at times.  I had someone recently ask me how long they were supposed to sit with their sadness.  All I could think was “Oh honey, I so get that feeling.  I really do.”  The concept of being with what is happening is at times the most overwhelming thing you can imagine doing.  And yet, it is the only way we are actually able to release ourselves from our pain.

Lately life has been both tough and exciting.  My grandmother is very sick and watching her decline has been both heart breaking and inspiring.  Her strength to keep going in the face of an oncoming transition is a kind of experience  I can’t really put into words right now.  It’s enough to say that it has been both special to have this time with her and also extremely emotional.  During this time there have been a lot of other things going on that have been both anxiety provoking and very exciting.  So interesting how our fears can reveal our truth that we are hiding from, right?  So with all of this stuff swirling around in me and around me I come back to deep and touching nature of Bruce’s words.

Everything that dies someday comes back

Letting go and transforming, whether it be yourself or something or someone else, is never the process of creating something foreign or totally unrelated. When we change a behavior or a state of being like getting married or divorced or creating a new career path, it is not like what once was is no longer. When someone passes it’s not like their memory is lost.  I would even throw out there that they are not even really gone; they are just in a different state of being.  On a physical level think about fashion;  what was once “IN” goes “OUT” only to come :”IN” again.   (BTW ladies beware of the return of the high waisted pants.  Ouch….they NEVER looked good on anyone! LOL)  Old friends may turn back up.  An old lover may come back and and then possibly only to leave again.

Nothing is ever really gone.  It only transforms into a different physical and/or emotional state.

I’ve had a lot of clients over the years talk about making changing as if they were deathly afraid that somehow if they changed things about themselves or their behavior that they would be forever unrecognizable to themselves and others.  As if the requirement to transform meant that yo longer could be yourself.  While there are things that I no longer over indulge in, like sugar, I am still the same person I always was just minus all the inflammation from sugar addiction.  My career has shifted and changed, especially more recently, but I still work to help people make healthier lifestyle choices.  Nothing about who I once was really left; it just transformed.  Some behaviors pop back up again for a little nostalgic rewind and then I let them go because they are kind of like the frenemies that I really don’t need around me.

Everything that dies someday comes back

If you are going through some changes in your life that are feeling hard and emotional, just know that through transforming that energy you get to create something beautiful like a lovely quilt to warm you this winter.  The changes I am making right now feel just like that; a warm blankie for when the snow starts to fall.  It’s taking all of my experience over the years and weaving it together to make something exquisite that can help transform other people’s lives.  It comes purely from my heart which tells me that there’s no way it can be wrong.

Letting go is so very hard.  We often approach it with white knuckles  But I am finding that the more I release the more I have.  There will be an emotional release  at some point that will surely be hard to move through and yet I know

Everything that dies someday comes back

So put your make up on, fix your hair up pretty and meet me tonight and Atlantic City!

WOO HOOO!  Cheers to transforming!

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