Manifest Your Destiny


So this beautiful display of faith and hope happened last night.  It was in a haze of peaks and valleys recently where I decided that how was I to speak of positive psychology to my clients and students if I was not to practice it for myself.  Here I have all these books, articles, blog posts, that all tell me how powerful the act of positive thinking is and I am struggling to find my way towards an upside down frown.  So off to Michaels I went to buy poster boards, glue and glitter.  A couple texts to friends and we had a night of cutting, pasting, envisioning and laughing together.

So what it is about making a vision board that becomes so fun?  Well as I talked today in my yoga class, we are all so caught up in our heads that we get totally disconnected from what do we really want.  Let me repeat that so you and I can hear it loud and clear….

What do you want?????

I asked my friends but on a deeper level I was asking myself….

Stephanie Ann Troy..what do you really want????

(When I am kicking myself in my butt I like to talk to myself like my mother did when I was 5 Or maybe 35 or actually….well forget it…)

Why is it SO hard to answer this question?  Do you get as stuck as I do when this question comes up?  Well for myself it can be hard for me to say out loud what I want because I get SO deeply afraid that it won’t happen.  It’s been going on for a long time.  I am closer now to being able to talk about what I want without feeling like I am going to lose it but it’s still REALLY hard.

Vision boards get you out of your fear.  As you sit around looking through magazines you will find yourself stimulated by all the pretty colors, cool clothes, fun recipes, lush gardens, etc and it becomes IMPOSSIBLE to get into the place of fear.  Your ole limiting beliefs begin to go puff like a balloon rising towards the ceiling.

So if I were to answer the question based upon my creative experience I would say I came up with connection, community, family of All sorts.  My soul has been craving connection for a LONG time.  The experience I recently went through that had been prolonged for longer than it was healthy was riddled with a lot of disconnection.  The disconnection in my environment drew me deeper and deeper into myself.  Coming out of that experience it feels even more important than ever to create a new chapter steeped in community.

As I continue to figure out where my tribe is, who it consists of and where it is taking me, I feel like I am more and more drawn towards creating a connection with spirit.  It is this connection that makes me feel most at home.  When I think of spirit and it’s connection to family I think of my Grampie.  When he was alive, all holidays were at his house with my Grammie.  The house was always bustling with love and noise (we are Italian…you get the picture:)  Life was different back then in a lot of ways.  It’s that energy, that feeling that I want to manifest in this coming year.

What do YOU want?  What would you like to manifest as your destiny?  Get out some magazines and scissors and go to town!   Get out of your head and into your heart!

Today feels different.  Today feels like a start towards a new path.  Use the energy of the new moon and solar eclipse to make this happen! Life is too short to not be enjoyed.  We spend WAY too much time manifesting a destiny full of fear and scarcity.  Instead choose abundance and love:)


Much love:)

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