This past week has been a bit INSANE with the Super Moon busting through the door knocking it off the hinges.  It has been said that this moon is the culmination of things that we have been going since April.  Phew I don’t know about you but I have been working on some serious stuff this summer.  It has been the least chill of any summer I have ever experienced!  That being said it feels like I have moved forward leaps and bounds despite the heat rising in my tree house apartment.

I have been working like MAD this summer to move forward in many ways.  I have done a TON of cleaning, cleansing, creating, manifesting, etc at an accelerated pace.  This has me in the zone most of the time and completely exhausted and spent other times.  A fellow writer and friend stated once that writing often feels like you have to pee REALLY bad and can’t hold it ANY longer.  I would say that I have experienced some serious issues with this over the summer!  Sometimes I am just so mad about creating that the time passes by at an insane pace (which is what has happened today actually.)  One of the projects I have been working on is this manual which is a 12 week curriculum for integrative wellness for recovery.


This 4o+ page manual has been only one of the projects that I have been working on.  So as you can see….it’s been busy.  It has turned out to be KICK A*@ and I am really proud of all the work I have accomplished But, as with any process of change, it can be hard to keep spirits up all the time.  As I told a yoga student yesterday who was speaking about the clinical use of mindfulness “being mindful can suck sometimes. We forget that being mindful means that you are aware of your emotions and that sometimes that just sucks.”  Yup that is true.  Being a wellness coach and building a business from scratch at times feels incredibly overwhelming.  There are two camps, the therapists and the coaches.  Both don’t tend to accept the other or allow for much integration.  I am working on building the bridge which means the model is not clearly defined.  This makes being present QUITE difficult at times so I totally get the whole not wanting to be present thing.

So you may be wondering what this all has to do with the FABULOUS picture above.  Well yesterday felt kind of like one of those days when being mindful sucked.  I was at the beach which was chilly and a reminder that summer is almost over.   It was cloudy and cool so I decided to take some pictures of the clouds.  On the way home I was listening to an old IPod that had the song Closer by Josh Groban.

DON’T HATE!  Ever since Josh Groban was on Ally McBeal I have been in love.  I mean seriously…how could there not be a power greater than ourselves when a voice like that came out of such a young awkward young boy.  FOR REALS!

So here I am driving home from the beach….pics in my phone….singing at full volume….YOU RAISE ME UP SO I CAN STAND ON MOUNTAINS….YOU RAISE ME UP……

I get home settle down and WHAT DO I SEE?

This picture…..this heart….in the clouds as the sun is shining through.  Now really people….do we NEED any more confirmation?   So Mr. Supermoon, the one I have been swearing at because you have taken me for a roller coaster ride over the past week.  Seems you have had something to tell this wellness coach  that she hasn’t yet to be able to fully hear.  I am beginning to hear you loud and clear….





We have a choice where we put our attention.  Are we going to look at the deficits or gains?  Are we going to pay attention to what we have right now and how far we have come OR are we going to look at the road ahead projecting how very, very long it seems.  I, like most of us, can be in either camp depending on the day or the moment of the day.  I am MUCH happier and subsequently healthier when I can focus on gratitude for what I have and appreciation of all that I have done.

The road ahead does feel long at times.  But as I stay present for the ride and release all the anxieties, I can feel the excitement building.  We have all come A LONG WAY BABY and we haven’t done it alone.  The Universe has been there along the way to provide support and encouragement.  It has placed guides in our lives who have pointed to doors and windows alike.

Take a step back and just sit in the amazement of it all.  We all have SO MUCH to be grateful for.  There is just so much in this world we take for granted; most of all ourselves.  Just for today give yourself a big hug and acknowledge just how AMAZING you are!!  You all raise me up and acknowledging the support of the collective helps me raise myself up too.  Cheers to raising yourself up today and everyday!

Much love!



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