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Astrologers have been talking about last night’s Blue Full Moon as being particiularly related to releasing the things that no longer serve us.  You know those relationships, behaviors and beliefs that get in your way?  Ya those are the ones they have talked about.  So last the second moon in July occurred.  Did you feel it?  Holy crap did I.  So I have been watiching the Ally McBeal series on Netflix AGAIN and wouldn’t you know….I ended up watching the season finale yesterday afternoon.  But you know how that goes when you are a Netflix marathon.  You TRIP upon the last episode.  So let me set it up for you that have never seen it….

Ally suddenly decides she needs to leave the firm that is her surrogate family to move to NY to take care of her newly found biological daughter that was from a egg donation she did YEARS ago.  She starts to say goodbye and the ghost of her dead ex boyfriend Bobby comes to her to tell her…GET THIS

I am here to tell you….you are going to be OK.

And Scene….

There it is. I am a freaking wreck on the couch, bawling my eyes out.  Why you ask (unless your a girl that is)  Well I will tell you,….

That is the limiting belief I need to let go of….

I wonder ALL the time whether I will be OK.

These days I am working like the speed of lightening to move forward creating my wellness coaching business.  I have been doing this over the past couple of years but in more of a limited way.  This seems to be partly due to limiting beliefs and partly due to the fact that I needed time in order to let things marinate.  I needed to figure out what I really wanted.  At the same time I desperately needed to work through what was holding me back.

The limited belief part has been about me playing small and trying (not so well as it’s not my best role) to conform so that I could pay the bills and keep a roof over my head.  Given that at the core I have always been a bit more scrappy and independent, this plan has NEVER worked for me.  Squelching my dreams has made me fairly miserable at times.  Therefore the wellness part of wellness coaching wasn’t going very well.  Often over the past couple of years I haven’t been so well.  The longer I waited the more intense my need to move forward became.  Until pop goes the weasel and off I have been running.

And so with the Full Moon and the end (yet again) of Ally McBeal…I get to working on believing that yes, like Bobby said, I WILL BE OK.  In fact, I am beginning to believe, that things will not only be OK but they will be AMAZING. When I shift my thinking towards the positive, I find that my eyes become wide open and I can see far and wide.  I begin to envision things I never thought I could.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet up with a former boss who is near and dear to my heart.  Afterwards I found myself reflecting on where I was, who I was, 13 years ago when I met him.  Life is wild.  It serves up situations, opportunities and shifts in your life you couldn’t possibly envision.

As I sit here having some tea with you all, I am remembering that if I couldn’t have imagined then where I would be now, then spending time worrying about whether I will be ok in moments that are future is a waste of energy.   The struggles I have had with worrying have been long term and partially genetic and cultural.  I AM half Italian which means it is engrained in me to worry ALL the time!!  That part of me is also hard wired to be a little overly emotional and not afraid to tell people about it either:)  I have NEVER known that I would be ok but actually have always been fairly more than ok.  Life has served up it’s challenges and obstacles, some quite painful at times.  That being said, I have always been able to persevere.  I have never been one to let the challenges of life get me down.

Resiliency is so key in life.  In my work, I have seen far too many people who weren’t able to learn how to be resilient when they were young.  Now adults, they struggle with each and every life challenge often taking them personally as if God, The Universe or some other person or being is out to get them.  I often, with the utmost of humor and laughter, remind them that no that is not the case.  It is all happening because they are human and because humans struggle and have pain.  The pain….it’s a part of living.  The suffering that they are experiencing because of the pain….that is the optional part.  It’s only through letting go of the struggle that we are able to learn the lessons we are here to learn and are then able to move forward.

So after I bawled my eyes out because Ally left the practice and my marathon was yet now over AGAIN, and because Bobby said it will be all be OK, I picked myself up and went out to teach my yoga for recovery class.  Teaching Soba Yoga often keeps me grounded.  On the nights when I feel like I don’t have much to give, I am quite often approached afterwards by students sharing how affected them.  Instead of feeling like that is a reflection solely on myself, I often am humbled to realize how much I was able to channel spirit to help support us all on our journey together through class.

Spirit is always there.  Always.  When my mind calms and stills, I feel it’s prescence more powerfully.  It comes to me in my dreams and whispers things in my ears at times.  I arranges for signs to occur to help me release the things that aren’t servicing me and aids in the further opening of my heart.

How does Spirit show up in your life?  What are the signs it gives to you that EVERYTHING WILL BE OK?  For now and always, hold this truth dear to your heart.  Things always work out in the way that they should.  Most of the time they work out in the most brillient of ways; ways you could NEVER have imagined!

Cheers to releasing and rejoicing today and every day!


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