Leading with Your Heart



In our last chat,Finding You Beneath it All we talked about finding the illusive self underneath all the BS in life. You know, it’s that concept of you underneath all of life’s fearful thoughts, expectations and predictions. The You that is at the core. We chatted about how it is about seeing the connection between you and nature and the world around you. Well it took me five days to begin to settle back into myself after last weeks’ storm and I feel like this week I am continuing to settle back down to earth. This is a picture of me at my gym on Tuesday night where I saw a heart as I was leaving. My post on Instagram (@sobayoga) was related to the fact that I would LIKE to get to the gym I teach at more often than I actually do. But in looking at it now I’m thinking…

“yes this captures how I feel now grounded with my feet on the earth and leading with my heart.”

What got me there you ask? All I can say in response was my breath and allowing myself to fe

el the love around me. When panic is triggered your heart beat goes BOOM BOOM BOOM, your mind jumps at the pace of a jack rabbit and you feel much like most of us felt the day that the planes crashed into the World Trade Center. It’s insanity and skies falling all over again. Once I settled the beating of my own heart, I could begin to realize that there are so many beating hearts around me and they were bursting wide open applauding. I have had a lot of support in the past week and it is already looking like things are on the verge of moving in the direction that I have needed them to for some time. In fact, I am finding myself even a little giddy with excitement over the possibilities. It feels exactly like this scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

“it’s a leap of faith….you must believe”

He steps out onto thin air and a rope bridge appears where it never was before. Awwww man who seriously doesn’t love some Indiana Jones action? Mmmmm Harrison Foooooorrrrd….oooooo. Oh ya but this, yes this sums it up. What is needed, what I am doing is EXACTLY the opposite of what I usually do. I am a free bird that sometimes keeps herself caged as a way of creating safety in the world. But I am generally never happy when I am doing this and it is as though I need to do exactly what is hardest for me to do…..TRUST. Trust in myself, trust in the Universe, trust in the power of the collective. I have so much love around me and so much love to give. I can not stay in a place where that is being squelched because it is not only harmful and abusive to myself but it also does not allow me to freely give love to others as I could if I were totally free of the chains that bind me.

So it is with this new awareness and realization that I have no need to worry or grip onto any white knuckles. As I take my first step forward, the rope bridge will be right there to catch me. I am beginning to feel as though my next transition will be fairly quick and easy. It is with this awareness that I feel I can truly lead with my heart and begin to let my fears hush hush.

No need to worry, no need to fret. Stay in your breath, stay in love, stay in trust and all will be well. How do you allow yourself to lead with heart? How do you quiet the noises in your mind long enough for you feel how beautiful you truly are at the core? Today I will go for a walk, be in the sun’s rays and know that I am being cared for. I am always being cared for because I am a child of the Universe. I am a part of a greater whole of people who are bound together by love.


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