Clarity: Eyes Wide Open


These days are anything but dull.  I will sum it um like this..someone I was talking with about intuition and clarity stated “I guess I am still figuring out if it is a gift or a curse.”  Yes….having clear vision….like laser clear vision sometimes feels like going outside on a bright sunny day after being locked in doors during gloom and doom.  The sun blinds you and it’s hard to tolerate.  It feels almost assaultive; yet on some level warm and beautiful.  After speaking to a friend about events that have occurred recent she text “Synchronicity!”  Yes, that appears to be what is going on along side the blinding, assaultive intuition.  Life has become clearer than ever before.  This makes certain things glare back at me in a way that they haven’t done as harshly before.  I am seeing all the good and all the not so good.  My eyes have come out of dilation and the world looks different.  I have been having insights left and right about things that I want for myself and things that no longer seem to fit as nicely.  I feel like the washing machine won’t turn off and I am going through that slow cycle, you know the one where your like “come on already I need to dry you so I can go out.”  That one…that’s it.  Over and over again.  But somehow even though at times there are ouchy feelings mostly I come through smiling.  There are lessons to be learned.  You wonder “what is the biggest strongest one?”  I say…Life does not have to be so hard.  Hmmmm really?  Yes really.

When you get clear about yourself, your life, people around you, circumstances you are in….it’s almost like the ending of a Hollywood film in some way.  (Although it is not always so chipper for sure:)  You know how the ending to most films almost always seems apparent to you as the viewer but somehow totally unapparent to the characters?  That’s kind of like life when it becomes clear.  You begin to be able to step back and witness your life from the viewer rather than the main character.  Today I had one such moment.  Where small tiny details that would totally have been lost to someone else came together at one moment that actually really hurt.  But in that deeper knowing place…the place that has always known what is true….it didn’t really come as a surprise.  The sting was there but the drama was not.  The reality felt somehow much less distressing than it would have before because the deepest place within my soul has come to peace with issues from the past.  Ultimately the awareness that was cultivated in this moment today was pretty much already known and the healing I have been through made me see that it has nothing to do with me at all.  Once you are able to heal the spaces within that struggle and have been hurt, you are not so easily affected by others pain.  In the past I used to think of my self having a suit of armor like Superman that bounced bullets away.  Today I feel like I can let in the pain, be aware of it and simply release it; especially when it has nothing to do with me.  I don’t pick up others assaults and run with them.  They have nothing to do with me.  They are fully representative of the other person. 

Clarity alone doesn’t do the trick.  Being clear about things most times makes you so acutely aware of how they make you feel.  The work is in healing the trigger.  Once you heal the space inside that gets triggered everything else falls into place.  Today I go to meet someone and hear about a new possibility.  A possibility that appears to have nothing but upward spirals.  The people connected to this organization are fully in the light.  They too see things for what they are and have been doing their part to embody change.  They not only appear to be kindred spirits, they also are funny too:)  Nothing about my encounters with them has had anything to do with dark and twisty.  There doesn’t appear to be anything underneath the surface that they are trying to hide.  Their mouth doesn’t say one thing while their eyes say something different.  All parts are in unison.  I fully believe it has been the healing that I have allowed myself to go through that has brought them into my life.  They are feisty like me but have shifted the fire into love; much as the same as I have been doing.  The way I have come to meet them is a very funny story.  One that reveals that yes indeed there is a Universal energy around us.  We are co-creators of such energy.  As we transform and evolve we are also drawn towards this light and energy. 

Life is funny.  Just a couple of months ago I was bogged down with the snow and darkness that surrounded me.  It’s spring and voila just like that things are shifting.  Having your eyes wide open can be painful at times.  But once you realize that the pain is just your reaction to the sun, you can begin to release it.  If you hold onto it, it is you that is causing your own pain.  Having my intuition continue to rise and life become clear has been an incredible gift that at times is overwhelming.  For today, I will bask in my gratitude as the light appears to be around me.



  1. Maddie Drake on April 28, 2015 at 4:42 pm

    This was so wonderful and relevant to me right now! Thank you! I hope to someday experience your practice firsthand, but in the meantime, I absolutely love this line: "Having your eyes wide open can be painful at times. But once you realize that the pain is just your reaction to the sun, you can begin to release it." WOW. That right there really spoke to me.

    • admin on April 29, 2015 at 8:15 pm

      Thank you for your comment:) I am so happy it spoke to you. Yes, these days are showing us all things as they are in their stark and honest way. I am writing a follow up post about how this continues to be the case. Seeing things as they are can be painful as it wipes every last bit of denial away. While that can be a helpful process, it's like ripping a bandaid off a wound. But I am grateful for the process these days as it is helping me to make good decisions about how I want to move forward and building a better life for myself. As we confront things we get stronger:)

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