Dreams Do Not Come in Small Packages

Dreams do not come in small packages.  I know again, cliched.  I got called out by a reader of our last chat Follow Your Passionfor being too cliche or flowery or maybe too positive?  Hmmm I will give the most obvious of disclaimers….I am a wellness coach.  I have an MSW and have worked in the field of social work for almost 16 years.  I am a yoga teacher and Reiki II practioner as well as a nutrition coach.  I love positive psychology and embracing all that is happy.  For those that are not, ah well.  So be it.  That’s most people these days; at least in America and around the Boston area.  That being said, I have no tolerance for BS myself so all that I write is straight up from the heart.  So the saying is true, anytime you have ever thought “man I really would LOVE to do _____,” I am sure that it wasn’t about something ridiculously insignificant.  The yearnings of the heart are generally limitless and are not comprised of fear based
thoughts.  The fear stuff is the workings of the mind.   During a jam fest with one of my good buddies, he told me a story about when he was planning his business.  He said a good friend and long time business owner said to him “there is only a Cadillac and a Honda there is nothing in between.” This person was responding to my friend’s limited beliefs at the time.  She was basically stating that you don’t get into business to do just enough; you get into business to succeed and carry forth your vision.  If  you are in business to do “just enough” then you might as well not bother.  This simple blunt advice (as usual and much appreciated) has really sunk in.  As I continue to develop the vision for my yoga project, Soba Yoga, http://yourwholehealing.com/soba-yoga/ this piece of advice really resonates.
Building something that you can only see in a vision through your heart can be challenging at times.  It can cause one to begin to put limits and fears onto something that can only grow with the fertilizer of love.  Hmmm all this brings me to a classic amongst sports fans; of which I am not one.  This classic scene in Field of Dreams is when Kevin Costner is walking through the field and hears his inner voice say…..”Build it and He Will Come.”

Yes, this is just what life feels like these days.  Believing in  something you can’t see is the work of dreams that are BIG.  The only way they become big in real time is by you believing in them.   The dream that created my project came from not just a lot of work put into my own health as well as my professional training but it also came from a yearning to be of service in a way that services  the needs of my heart as well as others.  That is a very tall order I know but one that is not only something I yearn for but is something that is about as necessary as air, food, water, shelter.  Once I started to move forward with my vision, I knew there was no going back.  As my friend shared what his friend shared, you are either ALL IN or you are OUT.  Matters of the heart are not half ass so to speak.  You can’t sorta “try” to make such a thing happen.  You need to nurture your vision much like you would a small child as it is your child at this time.  As you can imagine, or maybe you already know, this type of constant nurturing means that you are ON at all times.  I have no idea about the workings of being an actual mom but I can say that the amount of protection I have over my vision and the project is kind of like a momma baboon with her baby.  I feel like I have all the protective instincts that one has with their loved ones.  But just as one would have fears come up about the vulnerability and safety of their loved ones, I have those about the  project.  These fears cause me to worry at times which I know from personal experience is never  helpful.  Touching base with this friend this weekend has helped me to come back to center; as it always does when we chat.  Fears can be there, but reacting to fears by shrinking your dreams is really not an option.  Not only is that harmful to me, it is also very harmful to those that would be otherwise nurtured by this vision.
Life is not safe.  Shit will happen.  You may need to shift gears as things build and change.  I believe that my recent fears and worries are from my go to modus opperendi from my past.  Hunker down, stay stuck, be angry, fearful and project that outwards so that nothing related to your dreams can possibly come true.  There are only Cadillacs and Hondas in life.  There are no middle grounds or safe spaces when it comes to manifesting your dreams.  The work of the heart embraces the true fact that there is really no such thing as safe or secure externally in the world.  The only safety and security you can find is within.  If you are following your heart, then you are more than safe along the journey.  Any challenges or struggles that come up will only be there for your continued growth.  So far things are working out far better than I could have imagined.  While things are not what I imagined they would  be yet, I am finding that the Universe gives me gifts each and every time I go to teach yoga.  I am finding people all over that want what I have to offer.  The more I allow the spark of my passion to ignite, the more it automatically ignites in others.  It’s magnetic.  I imagine just about as magnetic as my fear was for so many years.  If I continue to nurture my passion, like the baby that I see my vision to be, I will continue to be able to weather the storms and build it so they can come.  Life has become so incredibly interesting these days.  The Universe is giving me gifts in ways I could never imagine.  Very soon I will be a part of a published book on yoga; sharing my words of inspiration with those in the world.  I will be filmed on a local cable access network television show on health and wellness.  And many other opportunities have come my way as well.  If you continue to keep your dreams and visions BIG they only have upwards to go.  What helps you continue to foster nurturance of your dreams?  What challenges have you encountered along the path and how have you moved through them?  For me, the biggest thing that has been helping is connecting with those that I love and who  love me.  Those that foster the same vision as I do are only going to be supportive.  Those that don’t foster the same vision, are just not people I can be around at this time.
Keep your dreams big and passionate


  1. Rosalie on October 28, 2014 at 4:03 pm

    Never, ever stop dreaming. You never know when that special something you are dreaming about will appear. Thank you for reminding us all of that!

    • admin on October 28, 2014 at 7:46 pm

      So very true! As Kermit the Frog said….."someday we will find it…the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers and me!"

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