Cultivate Your Inner Knowing

Here’s a little secret that most who know me already know…I believe in psychic energy.  In fact I have been working on cultivating my own over the past couple of years.  The above picture is a quartz crystal that I bought last night to help me on my journey. In revealing this I probably just lost all credibility of the scientific community. LOL  Don’t worry  I intend on redeeming some of that.  Psychic energy is intuition.  Those of you who have been having tea with me for a while, I believe we have chatted about this in the past.  For those of you just joining, let’s go back in time and discuss.  Our gut is where intuition resides.  It’s called the enteric nervous system or the ENS.  The ENS is known as the second brain which is the brain that is far wiser but used much less often than the brain that resides in the head.  An amazing book to look into for those who are wanting to learn more is “The Second Brain” by Michael Gershon.  This article by Scientific American shares a lot of very useful information  The ENS is what is responsible for our “gut feelings” or instincts. It is that inner voice that tells you that you are missing something just before you shut your house door locking yourself out.  See what I mean?  It’s wicked smaaaat because it tells you things you need to know.  Research has shown that a lot of women who were attacked on elevators knew that the person in the elevator when the door opened was not safe but their mind told them not to pay attention to this crazy thought.  The gut knows what you should do and not do.  Who is right and not right.  So what’s the problem, why don’t we listen?  Good

My journey towards cultivating my inner knowing has been a long and windy road.  It has been a process of ongoing recovery from over analyzing EVERYTHING.  I believe I was probably like this prior to becoming a therapist and then I got into a job that required overuse of this already strong muscle.  Over use of this muscle continued to escalate a distancing from my gut.  The gut tells you stuff that seems crazy, illogical; even insane to some.  Those that have known me for a long time know me to be the steady eddy type of person. I am the one that people lean on and count on; very dependenable and responsible.  For a good long time I Ilived like this in a way that was totally and completely disconnected from my heart and gut.  What brought me back in touch was a whole host of things.  Since intuition lives in the gut, clearing up gut imbalances that I was struggling with helped bring a lot of clarity to the surface.  As my diet changed, I became healthier and happier.  I began to get more messages from my gut about what I really wanted for my life.  The gut is connected to the brain through the vagus nerve which is a cranial nerve which runs all the way from behind the eyes to the heart, throughout all the organs and into the gut.  The vagus nerve takes information from the environment and transcribes it for the heart and gut.  People who have psychic energy are just very
tuned into their environment and into themselves.  They listen more to their ENS than to the brain in their head.  We all possess the ability to be psychic.  In fact a lot of people are but their consciousness is too clouded with a variety of distractions such as substances, food, thoughts, etc.  Over analyzing and processing things over and over actually shuts down the ENS and therefore making messages from the gut to the brain very slow or stuck.

 For years I have found that I just know things about people.  I used to put it down to working with a population of people who manipulate and lie as a means to survive. You learn how to read people after    It wasn’t until meeting two friends almost two years ago that I began realizing that it runs deeper within.  Intuition is connected biologically to the gut but it also has an ancestrial connection.  For me that comes from the Celts.  The Irish are a very mystical and psychic group of folks.  Their history runs long with mysticism including belief in mythology and folklore.  While stories of fairies are taught in classes in Ireland (I took one when I studied there,) the Irish laugh about it when talking to Americans in the pubs. Their intuitive abilities are known as “The Knowing” but any Irishman I have tried to talk to about it will laugh at me uncomfortably.  I have had some people share stories about having a family member who was more connected but they generally are uncomfortable with this connection.  If you are in tune and you go to the country though, there is no mistaking the connection.  Since going last year for my fifth time, I have found that I continue to cultivate a deeper connection with my own knowing.  I have knew someone was pregnant before they told me, I knew the sex of another person’s baby before it was revealed and I get messages all the time about things that are going to happen, things I should do and people who may or may not be good peeps.  The more I meditate, the more connected I become.  Another thing that helps is taking good care of myself and staying grounded.  If I am in my crazy thoughts, I immeditately disconnect from this knowing.  Connecting with people in my life who are guides and staying close to supportive people is very key.  Basically I am learning and practicing to move more with the natural ebb and flow of life rather than always analyzing things to death.  It is this process that brought me to start my yoga project Soba Yoga that we discussed in our chat
What helps you get cultivate your own inner knowing?  Do you find that when you listen to the voice within that it brings you on unforeseen adventures that enrich your life and make things easier?  I have found through this process that the less I think the healthier I am.  I don’t need to analyze things because the gut knows what is true.  All I have to do is get quiet enough to listen.
Cheers to cultivating clarity and knowing within!


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