I Love You More Today Than Yesterday


Nothing like a little Motown lovin to start my day.  Music in my house growing up was an odd mix of Motown, John Denver and The Carpenters.  You get it right?  It was the 70’s. Bad mix of plaids, bell bottoms and side burns. Motown was definitely predominant and singing to these R&B songs was our favorite past time.  Often times this occurred in the car with my Dad.  He would pull off the rubber covering from the shifting lever on the steering wheel and we would pass it around.  In case you are wondering, vocal ability definitely does NOT run in our family but being silly does:)  This morning I felt the oncoming need for silliness so as luck would have it I recently put this beautiful song by Diana Ross on one of my yoga playlists.  That urge came from one visit to my favorite cafe/bookstore,
The Trident Booksellers http://tridentbookscafe.com/ where they only play music that one can sing along to.  I can often be caught
by the staff singing along to music that takes me way back.

Back to Diana and this song.  After my T ride and singing as I walked to work, I knew I had to chat with you all about the song.  As luck would find it, I found this video which captures exactly the sentiment that I was feeling while listening to it on my IPhone.    This song is about what
really matters in life.  Yes it has a catchy sing song melody but the lyrics hit deep to the soul.  On any given moment of any given day, we can get caught up in the crisis of the moment.  However trivial or not so trial it may be, these crises are often times either opportunities for
enlightenment or mere distractions.  Some stressors are presented as things that are put in our path as a test to see whether we are prepared to stand up tall and flow through them or if we are going to allow ourselves to be pulled down by the undercurrent.  Whatever the reason the Universe is serving up the current “crisis,” stressor or annoyance, it is an opportunity to pause and reflect.  Oddly that is what listening to this
song this morning did for me.  Reflection for me can come in many forms and it is not always deep soul searching.  Sometimes it tends to be about laughter.  In this video, Diana Ross has pictures of her kids and their connection.  While their life could not have always been about smiles and sing songs, there is love that beams from the eyes in these photos.  Stopping to look and listen almost immediately dissipated the mental gymnastics my brain was doing.  Starting a business as a social worker has a myriad of complexities to it.  It is not exactly the career path that prepares one for standing bright and shiny on their own.  Within all of that, the one thing that is helping keep my feet firmly root is love.  The love of those that support me.  The love I see in those I work with and teach. The love in the smile and eyes of the man working produce at Whole Foods as we talk about the amazingness of local figs.  The love in the warmth of dogs I meet along the way.  And also the love I feel when I am connected to the world in any capacity.  That love helps sustain me through all the ups and
downs, the worries, anxieties and the fears.

Love is a funny thing.  Sometimes it’s hard to feel. Especially when you are struggling with the kind of disconnection we discussed the other day in our chat Breathing Space .  When life becomes a whirl wind of anxiety and fear, feeling love for ourselves and from others seems to fade into the background.  We may tend to forget to tell those we love how we feel or to engage in loving acts along the path.  Often times we need to be hit over the head in order to have that “Duh” moment of reflection on love.  For today, how can you stop, look and listen to the beating of your own heart?  Can you begin to see love in everything and everyone; even the people, places and situations that seem to be bringing forth the most challenge?  The latter is the work of walking a spiritual path.  It is definitely the part that I, as most do, often forget to reflect on.  Challenging situations and people are being presented by the Universe as an opportunity to help you rise above and grown as a spiritual being.  How might you use these life lessons to help you continue to move forth and open up your own

Always remember to share the love with others and let them you know that You Love Them More Than You Did Yesterday!



  1. David Crowley MSPT, CHC on August 28, 2014 at 11:03 pm

    Love is definitely hard to feel at times! Listening and feeling your own heart beat seems like a good place to start! I also think music can be helpful. Cheers to feeling more love!

    • admin on August 29, 2014 at 12:30 am

      Yes it can definitely be challenging at times to feel love around you. But it's always there. Just like you said….all you have to do is touch your heart:) Cheers and have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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