Being Here Now

Being here now is seeming to be quite a challenge these days.  With a laundry list of things to do with   certain details missing before the step can be taken makes for one crazy type A girlfriend that’s for sure. That is until I realize the message I am trying to spread.  Oh yes, the reason for all the action steps is to build a community of mindful folks that are present, fully awake and taking care of themselves.  If this is going to have any possibility of happening their guide in the process would need to be on the same path; maybe even a few steps in front of the crew as she is doing the guiding.  This is yoga off the mat and into each of our lives.  I love the process of using the practice of yoga as a metaphor for so many things in life.  Yoga to me began as a physical practice.  I enjoyed that it gave my thin frame defined muscles.  I even found myself drawn to practices, such as Forrest yoga, that made me feel strong in my body.  I have always been fairly wirey (luckily much less so now than my younger self.)  Early on yoga gave me the physical gifts but what kept me coming back was the energetic effects.  Nothing felt quite like it afterwards.  I had this peaceful vibe that I had never known before.  I was so wirey when I began that going to the gym wasn’t enough to calm my nerves. I would come home eat and then go walk for an hour or so before I could finally slow down.  Oy those days were crazy.  But when I went to yoga, I found I was able to leave having released the anxieties that my mind and body were holding on to.  Slowly over time I began to see these affects seeping into my daily life off of the mat.  I would be able to better manage daily frustrations as long as I was practicing yoga.  It took the edge of my crazy Italian/Irish temper and made life feel more manageable.

Fast forward about 14 years and where am I today?  Challenged by being here now.  Seriously?  Like for real?  You mean I haven’t aced that test yet?  I haven’t risen above mere mortals to the place of ultimate and complete peace and serenity?  No.  Just because one practices yoga does not mean that they have found the key to zendom.   Life comes and hits you upside the head; often when you least expect it.  Kind of like how my Iphone died twice this weekend.  Panic sets in and the body’s stress response takes over.  If one is aware enough of what is happening they can catch the crazy train before it takes off.  If not, you are a whirlwind of crazy all over again.  The pearl of wisdom that I have picked up from my yoga practice is that life happens.  Good or not so good.  It just happens.  The key to finding peace in life is in the breath and the space between the thoughts.  These days the Universe gives me opportunities constantly to appreciate what is happening in each moment of the day.  The hearts keep popping up every time I leave my house for a walk.  The breeze has been sweet and the sun shining.  A squirrel stopped to have a staring contest with me yesterday.  I was able to chat with the farmers at the market who make the amazing food I am blessed to eat in the summertime.  Today I got to teach yoga and have time to come to one of my favorite places in Boston, have a very cool conversation with a couple of people and got to chat wit hyou all.  Tomorrow I get to go to the beach, meet with a client and teach more yoga.  The list goes on of the things that I am blessed to be aware of these days.  Most of the these things in the past happened without me being aware of them.  That is what yoga has given me.  Even when it feels hard to be here now, I realize that it is far easier than it ever used to be.  Life is all about the journey and there is no end to the journey.

 When I am real with myself I can see that there will always be a laundry list of things to do.  The things that I am presently challenged by will be a part of the past and they will be replaced with new tasks to worry about.  Life has a funny way of doing that.  When one thing is completed, up pops something else.   Life is far from linear.  It is often more of a bumpy ride.  One thing I have learned, that is always helpful to remember, is that generally those things I worry about typically resolve themselves.  The time I waste trying to control the outcome of situations is far better used to enjoy the ride of life.  Watching sunsets, pigeons walking, enjoying the chats I have with the cool staff at my favorite cafes, the taste of the delicious tea I just shared with you all, the smile on a toddler’s face playing peek a boo with me as his mother shops, the dog who gave me kisses on the street and the smile on the person’s face when I said hello.  These all are the beautiful amazing things that the world has offered me while my mind has been swirling and my nervous system triggered with adrenaline.  Being here now means that even if the mind is swirling, I remind myself that I have the ability to choose what I focus on.  The things that are yet to do, will get done.  Fortunately or unfortunately, I am way too much of a task master with myself to let that not happen.  For now, I will continue to enjoy the company of those around me and smile knowing that the Universe has my back no matter what.  What will you do today to help you with Being Here Now?
Best wishes for a fun loving and enjoyable ride down the bumpy path of life!

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