Becoming a Butterfly

These days my work schedule has changed which means my ride to work is congested with people.  At the same time life has gone crazy busy therefore my dance party on the T ride to work has gone out of control.  Yes, I do dance on public transportation; especially when I am stressed out.  I really can’t control myself.  It’s almost like I become Kevin Bacon on the train tracks in Footloose. The devil rises up, takes over and I am looking like a crazy fool.  This occurs on the T, on the escalator coming or going to the T, sometimes even walking down the street waiting for a light to change.  I had a guy join in with me the other night which was so much fun:)  Ok, so back to the topic at hand these days…confidence.  Yesterday the dance party including this track from Destiny’s Child.  A favorite anthem of sorts of mine.  Yes, I know
they are singing about female anatomy and yes, that is playing into objectification of women BUT I love this song not just for it’s beat but for
the way in which it celebrates confidence and owning your awesomeness.  I can, at times, also be found being a fool in my car dancing and singing (I am waiting for the day when one of my clients witnesses this insanity) and this is one of my favorite dance party songs as well.  I just love the way it makes me feel.  These days women seem to be fairly comfortable flaunting certain body parts around but in a way that lacks a sense of true confidence and comfort in one’s body and being.  Young women are encouraged to be more visible and vocal but not in a way that actually celebrates all the beauty they have inside.  This relates to a few discussions we have had recently including our chat Daring to be Seen  What would it be like if women could actually allow themselves to truly be seen?  Heck for that matter, what about men too?  In my experience it seems that when someone comes into their own and begins to celebrate their own total beauty, others become uncomfortable.  Maybe this is because it is hard for them to do the same?  That is quite possible.

This concept as been more on my mind lately as I continue to evolve and become more of the butterfly that has been hibernating in the caterpillar.  It also relates to dancing on the T.  In Boston, we are very conservative in our approach to shining brightly.  Generally speaking people do not speak to each other in public unless they know each other.  In certain areas of the city you will see people wildly being themselves but for the most part puritanism still exists here in Beantown.  People are closed down due to anger, fear, insecurity, what have you.  I once  saw a guy dancing on the T seemingly creating choreography.  He was in his own world (I believe that was also due to a bit of inebriation::) and it was hysterical.  The funniest part of the scene was other people’s reactions to him.  People here do not generally appreciate people standing out too much.  You are to melt into the crusty layer of bitterness that exists.  Now don’t get me wrong, Boston is my hometown.  I love it and always will.  But we could use a bit of  LEVITY PEOPLE!  In general, when we play small we allow others who are struggling with their insecurities to not feel encroached upon.  At the SAME TIME though we also allow those who deserve to shine to continue to play small because they don’t have any role models to show them a different way.  What I have found over time in sharing my path with others is that wherever I am teaching yoga there are young social workers wanting to learn more about how I got to where I am and where I am going.  My cessation of playing small seems to be allowing the Universe to place people in my life who need to know that there is a way that they can shine too.  As things unfold I am finding that I meet people in the oddest of places that need to hear the message that they too can transform, shine bright and be happy. What this is showing me is that my transformation has never been just about me.  It has been about everyone.

When we choose the spiritual path of authenticity it leads towards transformation; not just you but everyone around you.  Your becoming happier enriches you relationships with others and allows them to step up and become happier as well.  The trick is that you can not have the intention of controlling the outcome.  I never had the idea that me stepping outside of traditional social work and creating my own thing would inspire others to do the same.  But as my business venture takes more of a clear shape and form, I am finding that my passion is shining brighter and brighter and the light is attracting caterpillars wanting to fly. So for today, what steps can you take towards becoming the butterfly?  Are there people in your life that are inspiring your wings to spread?  How might you begin to be that power of example for others?  It’s in the small, simple steps we take on a day to day basis that begin to head us down a different path.  Sometimes for me it’s dancing in public.  Other times it’s standing up for what I believe in.  Most times these days, it’s comforting myself with the affirmation that as long as I can Be the Light, I can See the Light.

Best wishes along the path…..and I challenge you to Shake your Jelly and
Shine Bright!


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