Lessons Learned

Life is a process.  Boy is that true.  This past year has brought with it much growth.  The metaphor used for the healing process in psychotherapy has always been the layers of the onion.  As I have said previously, this metaphor has always wicked (yes I say wicked…I’m from Boston) annoying. In looking at this rose I bought the other day after facing some challenges that are a part of this growth process, I was captivated by it’s a) beauty and b) layers.  YES that’s my metaphor…a blossoming rose.  The petals that die off fall making room and space for the next layer to open.  Life has felt much like the dying petals lately allowing for the beauty underneath to shine through.  It’s been feeling a bit like exfoliating dead skin.  Girls you get the picture.  You know that patch of dry skin in the winter that doesn’t want to slough off but eventually one day you finally get at it?  Well that’s my life lately.  Little by little the dead skin of what is no longer needed begins to fall away making room for what is to come.  This process has me in relfection mode (man how many times have I said that over the past year??  LOL)  I have been looking back over the past year  of My Real Life Beginning (little Colin Hay for ya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvukKx68_yM🙂  What do I see when I play the movie back in my mind’s eye??  A year of change,  NOTHING but change.  Yup, for the girl who lived static and in fear the Universe has served up constant unending change.  There have been surges of creativity followed by long periods of deeper inner reflection and work.  The following are some lessons that I have compiled about my past year…
  • You can write down your intentions, burn them, chant to Ganesh over them, put them under Ganesh, pray, meditate, google, come up with ideas, call people, email people continuously chasing them down, go to potential yoga studios and hound them but ultimately things happen when the conditions are right for manifestation.  This may have to do with whether the Universe feels you are ready, the other person is ready or some other unknown thing/situation is ready for things to manifest.  You can only do so much and then when you let go and go about living life moment to moment, day to day things fall into place.  You may even find jobs just by trolling on your IPhone late at night while watching a chick flick for the bazillionth time (and yes this just happened to me, so you never know
  • Until the conditions are right for manifestation, it would be far more productive for you to go about living your life day to day moment by moment enjoying those moments than worrying about when the person who you are waiting to return your call/email to decide to follow up with you.  Continue moving forward riding the flow. Things work out you would never imagine that would and some things you really want don’t.  When I look back over my life, I know one thing to be true.  The things that didn’t work out were not for me.  Over the past year the things that have worked out have interestingly quirky things about them that make me believe that they were not only brought to me for my growth but I was brought to them for theirs.
  • When the conditions are ready for manifestation things occur.  This DOES NOT mean rainbows (although Boston has seen many of those over the past year) and sunshine.  It can mean very challenging times spotted with moments of clarity, happiness and peace.  Just because things work out doesn’t mean that it’s smooth sailing from here on out.  The situation may have worked out because you need to work through some things before you can go on to the next step.  As Steve Jobs said “you can’t connect the dots looking forward. We can only connect them looing back.”  I am beginning to see the Universe’s plan in some respect and befuddled on others.  But I just keep riding the wave.
  • When you work for yourself, you don’t have to work for others but you do have to work for yourself.  By this I mean, if you are a type A person who needs no one to motivate them towards anything you may not realize that being your own boss may mean that you are driving yourself most of the time you are not working for others.  I have gone through periods of intense realization that despite many years of practicing yoga and doing many other things to manage anxiety and stress, I am a tough boss on myself.  I am an overachieving type A person in recovery who often times needs more recovery.  I have gone through times of intensely working on creative products to times of slumping into the couch due to exhaustion.  My goal overtime is to learn how to even out the extremes so the process of blossoming continues.  
  • FINALLY the last lesson I will mention (as there are so many that this could be a book…hmmm good idea:) is that I could never imagine going back to working full time 9-5 for someone else.  I had a realization last summer that those days were long gone.  In fact, my next chapter to work on this year is to create the conditions that will manifest full time self employment within the next three years.  I have found the space created in my schedule to be amazingly affirming to my soul’s purpose.  I am meant to work for myself not only for some reasons others do the same but because I have a perspective on the work that can only fully come into fruition I will need to strike out fully on my own. There is work to be done before this occurs and most of which is internal.  Conditions for manifestation are not always just whether or not certain things are concretely in place in the world for you but whether you are ready for those things to come to you.  

So there you have it…some pearls of wisdom that have come over the past year.  And in the end, the bonus lesson that I will mention is learning to laugh and have fun.  Not that this isn’t something that hasn’t come easy to me throughout my life.  But in times of stress and risk taking, one can easily get into taking all of the things that happen in the earthly realm as personal and very very serious.  While it can feel that way in the moment, it is always helpful to remember that as each moment passes so does this lifetime.  It is far more important to enjoy the people you love, create moments of happiness even when you want to scream and find joy in the smallest of things like watching squirrels and pigeons.  Life is too short and fleeting.  When we get caught up in the mind, we lose touch with the most precious and important things in life.  Love is really the only thing that matters in the end.  Create love, be love, let the light come in and you will soon be a walking example of light and love in the world.  Outside of that I’ve got nothing more for today.  It’s really just that simple.  It’s all about love.  So how can you be love?  How can you be a beaming light in the world for others thereby drawing the light towards you?  For today, I will teach a couple yoga classes and enjoy the sun as it shines down upon us all.

Best wishes learning the lessons that are offered and being light and love!


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