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Hey there, oh how I have missed you all. A much needed sabbatical took me inward over the past couple of weeks as I have been dealing with the storm around me that is life.  It seems these days there isn’t anyone that is capable of getting by without some upheaval and change occurring mostly internal that is being triggered by the external.  In this astrology report, Tom Lescher speaks to the planetary alignment and how it is pushing all hidden truths up to the surface for us to deal with and move through

If we are dealing with these hidden truths within us, they are allowing us to move forward on a more authentic and real path.  Should we decide to continue to hide from the truth, we will be in a state of suffering.   Phew, it has been an insanely revealing month and a half, that is for sure.  In our last chatBe the Change You Want to See we discussed how to begin to walk that authentic path even when you feel like you may be walking it alone.  Little did I know what was in store for me by the end of that week!  So how have I been staying afloat and not drowning in the crazy chaos?  Well in reflecting on that the above commercial and toy from the 70’s came to mind.  Yes, I know this dates me, but that’s all just a numbers game:)  Weebles were popular in the 70’s.  As you see in the commercial, their claim to fame is that they wobble but they don’t fall down.  How have I felt lately?  Quite wobbly yes, but I have to say I have been thus far been able to find my center so that I don’t collapse and fall down.  Emulating the weeble has had it’s own challenges but it has also been quite empowering and rewarding.  You may be thinking….hmmm how does one be the weeble?  Well that takes us to our next metaphor….

Trees are nature’s representation of the weeble.  They have always been a favorite of mine and have become one of my favorite metaphors for finding stability within the storm of life.  I talk about them often with my clients, I have a very pretty necklace with a tree carved in it but BEING the tree is a entirely a different thing. Trees are, for the most part, incredibly stable.  Their roots are firmly planted into the earth and their branches sway in the wind.  Even though branches are more fragile than the trunk, they still are mostly capable of moving with the storms around them without breaking.  The carry with them the markings of their resilience which only makes them more mysterious and beautiful.  Lately with the storm around me, I have been meditating and practicing yoga a little more than usual.  The shift that has mostly been helping me stay upright has been carrying this metaphor within me as I move through the world.  Dealing with these challenges, I have found myself wanting to turn even more to embodying what I preach.  If I am going to suggest that others be the tree, then I need to be willing to walk that path as well.  So walk I have as I repeat the mantra in my head “BE THE TREE.”  Last week, I had some pleasant unexpected things occur that took me by surprise.  The challenge, at least for the time being, ceased and desisted.  That is not to say that there won’t be more challenges within this particular situation for the time being there appears to be a reprieve.  And that was amazing.  Given that it was totally unexpected, I can not discount the fact that I have begun to walk into the situation not looking to defend myself.  Instead, through the practice of meditation, the spirit guide of the tree and an internal shift towards love, I believe I was able to take care of my side of the street.  Standing up for your truth often has a ring of ego to it.  It can come across as opinionated and personal.  But when you embody the tree, you begin to see that it’s all just energy.  The challenge is are you going to allow life’s energy to beat you down or are you going to stand upright and firmly stand your ground from a place of inner knowing?  Standing up for one’s rights can be seen as anarchy if done from a place of ego.  It can also be seen as just the plain and simple truth if done from a place of loving kindness.  It is a shift in intention and energy that can make the shift in the outcome.

For today, I’ve stopped weebling and instead feel more firmly rooted in what I know to be true for me. Becoming less emotionally reactive and more emotionally stable takes time and work.  It may come easier to some than others.  We live in a society that is constantly moving a light speed pace and is quite often acting out of body which means that are reacting to everything that occurs around them.  I have recently had chats with several people about the fact that “mindfulness” is a hot topic these days.  It’s worked it’s way into the discussions of most psychotherapy clinics, insurance companies love it because it’s researched and now it’s working it’s way into corporations and business all around the world.  But is all this attention on mindfulness making the world more mindful?  Not necessarily.  This may be due to the fact that researchers have taken a neuroscience approach to the concept rather than a heart centered approach.  A lot of people are teaching mindfulness that are not presently capable of being mindful themselves.  Instead of focusing on what OTHERS could or should be doing, it is far more valuable to focus on what we can do to embody the message we want to spread. Be the change you want to see in the world.  While this can be far more challenging (believe me I know:) it is far more useful not only for you but for others.  What are some ways that you can Be The Tree and embody the change you want to see?  What helps you when you start to weeble and fear you will fall?  For me it’s often getting outside, breathing some fresh air and doing something that helps me realize that the current storm at hand will soon be a blip on the screen of my life.  Today I am going to one of my fav museums in Boston, The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, because it always takes me away from reality and helps me tap into my heart.

Best wishes in riding the waves!

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