Daring to Live Greatly

Today is my birthday.  The day when that number goes up by one.  As we discussed in our last chat Let Your Light Shine Bright I spoke about being in a mode of reflection about the light within and allowing it to shine bright.  I had the opportunity to see that in action yesterday both during a serendipitous event as well as during a chat with someone who is walking the path of shining bright.  See all my life I have been shown and have since adopted that the only way to achieve what you want is to work hard and struggle.  Isn’t that the American way?  If  you work hard enough you may just get the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.  With years of aging wisdom and healing, I am beginning to be shown a totally different path. A path that comes from within. The path towards happiness does not have to come from struggle; in fact when we are in a perpetual state of struggle is when we are often not on the path of happiness.  Yesterday, an opportunity seemingly landed in my lap that felt just so right that it’s possible it may fit like a glove.  Hmmmm but I didn’t really do anything to make this happen, I thought.  Or on second thought, did I…..

In reflection of the events of the day I decided to watch a couple of episodes of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday on DVR.  I go back and forth about my thoughts on O but her show sometimes has good people on it and last night was just that.  Brene Brown, PhD, researcher on the topic of vulnerability, was speaking about this topic as well as her book, Daring Greatly.  I LOVE her.  When I first saw this TED talk http://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_on_vulnerability I thought “oh my she is speaking my language.”  She is bright, sarcastic and a long time emotionally defended woman who found her way to opening up her heart to herself through her research. I first discussed my love of Brene and this video in our chat Vulnerable Me? Hell No!.   During that chat I discussed my own process of embracing my vulnerability and becoming more open hearted.  This was a process that hasn’t come without many bumps in the road.  In watching the videos and reflecting on where I am currently, I thought “wow you have come a long way baby!”  Brown states that courage can not exist without vulnerability.  She stated that the definition of courage is when you share all of yourself including your story with your whole heart.  Hmmm I know that place; it’s becoming my humble home. Once you realize that you are just like everyone else, that we all feel the same feelings and have similar struggles, you begin to see yourself in everyone else.  Brown states that courage is at the cornerstone of confidence.  I see that in myself.  There is a big difference between having inner confidence and coming from a place of ego.  When I am in my ego, I am in fear.  When I am confidently speaking my truth, I am taking a courageous step forward.  Courage to me has been the ability to follow my heart even when my mind tells me it’s crazy.  Yesterday, I followed a hunch from my gut to stop by a place to speak to someone for the first time.  What do you know?  They were there and the whole experience flowed so easy; almost as if it was a story that had already been written.  My confidence to be courageous has lead me to begin to see that in order to live greatly I need to dare to do what feels right no matter what.

I have taken time to share these reflections because I am you and you are me.  My struggles with my insecurities, fears and vulnerabilities are most likely similar and familiar to you.  In the past I would never have been able to own that because that would be telling you that a) you have the ability to hurt me, b) that I can be hurt and c) I am not the super human that I believe myself to be.  Today, I am capable of opening myself up to you, sharing my hurt places, my scared places as well as being able to take care of myself at the same time.  Today, I am more aligned with my intuition and I let that guide the way.  This means, that most of the time, I am capable of seeing the people who are currently not capable of coming from heart space and steer myself clear of them. Also, I am learning that if I open my heart up to those people and situations, things shift becoming more malleable over time.  Daring to Live Greatly has been a process that continues to unfold.  It is a gift that I have given myself because it is taking me on the path to living a life truly worth living.  I am much happier and healthier than I have ever been.  I look at pictures of a younger me and see a person who looks older than I do now.  I see a person who was living in fear; scared and in pain.  I look in the mirror now and I see a person who has more vitality than ever before.  Maybe this is the path you are on now as well.  What can you do to continue to live greatly and open up your heart first to yourself and then to others?  What makes you feel authentic and real?  Today I will be spending some time with fellow fish at the Aquarium, going to my favorite cafe and getting a yummy meal for dinner.  I share with you my gratitude for being a part of this process.  Without you all my words would just be letters on the computer.  You have turned them into loving action.

Be well and much love to you:)

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