Everything is Everything


Ah LOVES me some Lauren Hill.  Nothing hits my soul quite like R&B and hip hop music.  I added this song to a yoga playlist last
weekend and have been listening to it this past week.  During one T ride dance party it struck a cord in me bringing together all that we have been chatting about lately.  Our last chat Embodying Patience Along the Path had us discussing that well known virtue patience.  Before that we discussed how to keep our heads up when energy vampires hit in Gotta Keep Your Head Up!As I stated during our last chat, life has been throwing curve balls left and right which is often the case for most of us. Life is like the ocean waves, always moving and the key is to calm the waves when they get turbulent. My focus has been just on that lately and it is really helping for sure.  Life becomes very interesting when you step back and see the bigger picture.  The lens you are looking through determines the path of the story.  For instance, you may have some difficult situation arise whether in your professional or personal life,(and let’s be honest given the fact that work takes up a lot of time what profession is not personal?) and that situation can swiftly become your everything.  It’s all you talk about, all you think about and suddenly the world is black and the sky is falling.  In times like this I always use the metaphor of Chicken Little because it’s oh so true.  In the end, after all the energy was expended Chicken Little found that the sky did not fall. Behind this version of the story you may be telling yourself and others there is another everything.  That everything includes the fresh air, the sunrise/sunset, the beauty that life really is.  Windows and doors close and open so that we can keep balance in not attaching to any one thing, situation, state of mind, emotion, or feeling.  It is all ever arising and moving just like the ocean and just like our breath.
Back to Lauren Hill’s song.  Everything is everything. The nutrition coaching program I went through was focused on integrative health.  It taught about the interconnection of the physical, emotional, environmental, spiritual and nutritional factors that lead to illness or health. The director of the program focused so much on stating that Everything is Everything that I began thinking that this song could be their anthem!  Ha ha.  It is fascinating to look at life in in this manner. We are all interconnected even when we feel separate and isolated, we are
still connected to the whole.  We all affect each other both positively and negatively.  In energetic terms there are energies that are high vibrational, which would be those people, places and things that lift you up making you feel light and bright,  There are also those energies that are low vibration which may you feel lethargic, dark and negative.  Both have equal attraction and gravitational pull.  We get to decide which we are going to get drawn towards and also which we will possess.  This is not a stable, fixed and linear process because life is ever changing and complex. Sometimes we may find that we get drawn in by low vibration and get drawn into behaving in ways that are not in line with who we are at the core. Hopefully in these times we can catch ourselves and redirect ourselves towards the light.  Sometimes the process of redirection takes longer than others.  The one thing that I have learned and always try to remember is that you can’t solve problems at the same vibrational level that they were started.  Meaning if you are going to resolve issues that were created you can’t do that if you are going to stay stuck in the muck and in the past issues.  You will need to rise about that and see that everything and everyone is interconnected therefore if you want something different you need to do something different.  Ah life lesson, so hard to learn at times but
amazing if you can learn them.
For today, how will you rise above the low vibrational energies around you and embody more of the light?  Life is so much bigger than the
problems.  The problems are generally just a blip on the screen of the movie reel that is your life.  Ever go through a really bleak time only to come out of it moving on to look back and see how small that problem actually was?  Oh do I have some stories about that process.  So many things I can say that seemed like major obstacles are just dust in the wind now.  Everything is connected to everything therefore if you want something positive to occur you are the one that needs to be the change you want to see in the world. From shifting within, there will only be light coming from you out to others.  When you get drawn down by energy vampires or low vibrational energy, it doesn’t mean that you are doing bad in the world per se.  It simply means that you were vulnerable and most likely emotionally reactive in that moment.  Give yourself a little love and forgiveness’ moving forward telling yourself you will try to be more aware and present next time.  We are all doing the best we can in the moment with the skills we possess in that moment.  The key is to remind ourselves that we can always do better but not from a place of practicing perfectionism.  Instead remind yourself “I am in process, like every bud on the tree, every caterpillar or crocus popping
up from the earth.”   Everything alive has energy.  How will you use your energy today to bring light to the world?  For today, I am off to
move my body and energy at the gym and then go to a Boston Bloggers event in the city to meet some artistic people doing good in the world.
Hope you enjoy your day as well!

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