Because I’m Happy

Aw you know you can’t help but bustin a move when this song comes on the radio….or maybe it’s just me but I highly doubt it.  I love Pharrell Williams, so talented, smooth and well yes very adorable.  But I did not post his really cool video to talk about my crush on him. I posted it because a) I do bust a move every time I hear it b) a massive smile comes over my face when I do and c) once I knew I wanted to blog about it and found his video I couldn’t resist.  I mean seriously…all these happy people clapping as they walk down city streets AND that kid with the glasses…shoot the most miserable person on earth would giggle when watching. A standing O goes to Pharrell for taking the high road when choosing to spread happiness with this song.  As we have been discussing lately synchronicity has felt like it is in the air. I have been having conversations with people that are knocking my socks off they are so in sync with the direction I want to head in. Messages are coming from the most interesting and unsuspecting of places.  This week while walking to the T I found myself suddenly coming into clarity around what direction I want to take my business.  The Universe is so silly how it provides me with opportunities to see what I can’t otherwise see. Walking in the cold and snow, while can be pretty, is often just bone chilling cold.  But instead of focusing on what I don’t like spirit gave me an opportunity to use the walk to create my new vision.  The vision that came to me has little to do with how I had previously envisioned it to and only has some nibbles of how things currently look in my life.  But every time I call up this idea in my minds’ eye, a MASSIVE grin come across my face and a sense of warmth spreads throughout my being.  I told a friend about the vision and said I could actually imagine myself being HAPPY living in this vision.  As we discussed in our previous chat Letting the Flow Go I was recently invited into an opportunity to engage in a struggle.  I believe turning down that offer allowed my soul to come into awareness of what it really wants. Happy is not a state of mind I have ever been in when I am in a struggle.  In the past, I hardly ever looked like Pharrell walking down the street.  Ever since making a career shift there are more days than not that I do but I have to say that this new vision has me happy on a much deeper level.  Mmmmm that sounds like a bowl full of chicken soup or like the chili that is cooking right now.  Yum!

Mercury went into retrograde on Thursday, February 6th.  Mercury is the planet that rules travel, order, time, communication and electronics.  When Mercury goes retrograde we often find computers going haywire and communication goes upside down.  It is a time when you want to pause before you speak, write, text, tweet, etc can be misconstrued.  Plans often go awry where people are not where they said they would be and things just seem to not be working in the way that you had expected.  Mercury in retrograde is a time when contracts and major plans are not meant to be formalized because they will likely not be solid and will be up for change. It is a time for us to be slower and more still so that we can hear the messages that spirit is giving us.  People from our past may also pop up and give us an opportunity to work through unresolved issues. If we can move with some sense of ease within this disorder and constant change, we can use the time period to get clearer about what we want for ourselves.  Mercury went retrograde in the sign of Pieces which added a level of intuitive spirit to this ride.  Aw got to love Pieces, we fish are often emotional, creative, artistic, spiritual, intuitive and at times a little “head in the clouds” dreamy.  This Mercury in Retrograde will be a time where things will not make sense rationally at all but they may just FEEL right.  Using this heightened level of intuition is very much suggested at this time.  Don’t be afraid to just trust your gut on things and let go of all the mental gymnastics.  Why are we talking about Mercury Retrograde?  Because I believe that this is beginning to impact a lot of us on many levels.  The planetary alignments lately have been pushing folks to begin to get real with themselves about things that are no longer working and giving us the push to move in the direction that our heart is leading us.  Have you been feeling it too?  What ways is your spirit speaking to you letting you know the truth that’s been hidden underneath the surface?  I believe that we all deserve to be happy but in order to get there, we have to see that happiness is a choice.  Happiness is not something that happens to us but it is an action.  The insights we get this month about our soul’s desires will begin to help us move towards a happier life when the time is right.

As we move through the month, allow yourself to move a slower pace so that you can pick up what the Universe is trying to put down so to speak.  Allow for time for meditation, journaling, and just all around being more contemplative.  As Mercury goes direct on February 28th, we will have plenty of opportunities to take these insights and do something with them.  For now just enjoy the space to just be….HAPPY!
Dance, sing, be playful.  Believe you me, I know what it’s like to want to do, do, do but thankfully the Universe knows better than me and it gives me an opportunity to walk down the street slowly in the cold and snow so that I may hear the calling of my soul’s deepest desires within.


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