Letting the Flow Go


I’m sorry….I just couldn’t resist.  After my slinky analogy in our last discussion on resiliency If I Can Can, You Can Can I have had the song in my head ever since. Once I looked it up on YouTube, I knew I needed to share it as it brings those of us born in the 70’s back to a wonderful time when plaid pants were a staple, shag rugs were in every home and where kids didn’t have to be scared of what would happen if they were outside playing.  Ah the good ole days.  But the topic of our discussion today, while it relates to the slinky, is not about this wonderful toy for girls and boys.  Today we are going to talk about Letting the Flow Just Go!  Signs are continuing to pop up everywhere for me and they seem to be pointing in the directing of letting go.  Um, ya I know…I can be kinda a control freak and it’s not really a closeted issue.  I have a strong determined personality and I go after what I want.  As I have mentioned before I have slowly (sometimes very slowly) learned to begin to step out of the way and let the Universe do her little magical thing but I secretly (like in my head secretly) keep taking back the control.  I have a feeling that Spirit/the Universe knows this and therefore decided to send me a message this morning in a dream.  I dreamt of one of my teeth coming loose and almost falling out.  It was so real, I slowly awoke to my fingers in my mouth wondering if I was about to lose a tooth.  Prior to waking up a voice said “just let go.”  Ahhhhh there is it.  Probably the thing that’s been causing that wicked (yes I said wicked and I’m from Boston) case of insomnia I have had for what feels like the longest time.  Hmmm my subconscious seems to be on to something.

Letting go, that thing that seems to bring peace and serenity, often feels so illusive. Gaining clarity can definitely help the process along.  Being able to see things as they are without judgment is a gift: one for me that comes when I am able to slow my mind and give my ego a chill pill.  Over the past couple of days a situation arose where I had an opportunity to fight the good fight which is something I have done for most of my adult life.  I have always been a bit scrappy in nature: a bit of an underdog.  Most recently though, I have found myself really yearning and wanting to just go with the ebb and flow of life.  I think that scrappy part of me had something to prove that it no longer does.  I have begun to learn that I am much happier when I let go of believing that it has to be hard.  This leads me to something I did yesterday that made me very proud.  I let go of the struggle and chose to not engage in fighting a losing battle.  It felt soooooo good!  Like homemade hot chocolate good, like flour less chocolate cake good, like Green and Blacks 85% dark chocolate good (fellow chocoholics…you get this one I know:)  Choosing the path of least resistance is so freeing.  Letting go of those insecurities that were all about needing to prove myself worthy to others and getting their approval felt like a victory.  It was a silent victory as I don’t know if the other person knew what was actually happening but for me it felt HUGE!  Letting the person know that I would rather just flow like the slinky than get all tangled up in a web of challenge and ego made me feel like I am actually beginning to shed those unnecessary layers that have been holding me back all these years.  Live and Let Live is a 12 step motto that was ringing in my ears yesterday.  How freeing it is when you can see things as they truly are,
accept them and move forward.  It felt like loving kindness in action not only towards myself but towards all the people that would have been involved in that struggle.  Resilience in that moment felt like it wasn’t about surviving but it actually was a moment where I thrived.  Sigh goes my breath as I let out a deep exhale.  THANK SPIRIT or GOD or UNIVERSE or HIGHER POWER as some people choose to call this energy.

Moving on from this moment I hope to continue to embody the same sentiment when confronted with challenges that are optional.  It is certainly not healthy to walk away from all of life’s challenges because they are often opportunities for growth.  But being able to discern the ones that elevate you to your highest self versus those that come from the ego is one of life’s biggest lessons of all.  What ways are you allowing yourself to let the flow go?  Do you find yourself often going against the grain rather than with the ebb and flow of life?  If so, how can you choose a softer, kinder, gentler way to live?

Best wishes along the journey of letting the flow go!




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