New beginnings

Last week I came home to this gorgeous sunset outside my kitchen door and it just had the feeling of a new beginning blossoming.  This past Thursday the moon began a new cycle and brought with it opportunities for new beginnings.  Have you felt how the energy seem to be lightening up?  Ahhhh thank god is all I can say!  Despite my cold wanting to linger, I can say the air just feels lighter and people seem brighter.  Everyone seems to be saying a collective sigh as they go about their weekend travels.  People are smiling and so am I.  What does this all mean?  Well it’s a perfect time to move forward with embodying some of those intentions you may have created on New Years Day.  Oh those resolutions?  you say.  To that I say no silly, not resolutions, INTENTIONS! The fine little difference between the two is the difference between believing in universal spiritual energy and taking the world on your shoulders alone.  We all have to take steps in moving forward if things are going to change in our lives. I would say it seems far more powerful when we take those steps forward with the belief that we are being supported and guided along the way.  Lately conversations about spirit have been coming up all over the place.  Opportunities to reflect with others how life seems to fall into place when we get out of our own ways.  What do I mean by that you ask   Hmmm well I can only speak for myself as well as from someone who sits in chairs listening to others’ stories.  We funny creatures have a way of making the simplest things so darn complicated.  We search high and low for the answers to our struggles when in fact if we stopped looking and took a step back, we would find that there really wasn’t much of a struggle to begin with.  Sound familiar?  A loud hell ya is coming from within as I reflect on recent things that felt like they were causing a big struggle in my life but mostly because I was allowing them to be the crisis of the moment.  In all actuality, most of what our mind decides to pick up and run with often are life’s ups and downs: the peaks and valleys that generally become a blip on the screen as time moves on.  So if they are just blips on the screen, why does our mind create them to be like the daytime soap operas?  What is up with that?  My mind, thinks in grandiose Hollywood style when my emotions have taken over  I create blockbuster films that never get released.  Ugh my recently uplifted spirit says.  So if we know they will be a blip on the screen and a movie that no well paid actor would take on, how do we learn to disengage from them sooner rather than later?   Good question, right?

 Awareness is the key to the process of becoming more present and aware of what is a problem and what really is not.  Cultivating awareness that the Hollywood script is just your head creating thoughts and not reality is a the first huge step in disengaging.  When I am capable of realizing this, I feel that there is more room to breathe and I can begin to allow myself to take steps in the direction of sanity.  My breath is what generally allows me to see the difference between distortion and reality.  Taking just a few deep breaths and grounding in my body allows for the creation of space between my thoughts.  This awareness often feels like an amazing boost of empowerment to my soul because it helps me to lighten the load I have been carrying.  The past two months with Venus in retrograde most of us have felt a heaviness looming over us.  It was a time for an evaluation of our relationships allowing us to be able to begin to clearly see what is working and what is not.  It’s a time to either fix what is not working or letting it go. This energy of relationships is continuing as we move forward although now the energy is focused on taking steps to create the kind of relationships that are representative of our truth.  As we chatted about in our last discussion Building a Happier You this is a process that is unfolding.  For me, this time period has had me a little caught up with the drama of my mind but then it also allowed me to ground in the knowledge of what my soul needs in the here and now.  As the veil is lifted and the energy gets lighter, I feel more prepared to take steps to move forward in a direction that is more indicative of the lightness and joy that my soul is yearning for.
What type of new beginnings are you embarking on?  Are you finding that they are reflective of the deeper needs of your soul?  For me…well I have what appears to be several new beginnings occurring within the next month to two.  For one, I have a new workshop coming up at the yoga studio I teach at. It is a wonderful opportunity to share with my students the mind/body/spirit connection of yoga as well as teaching them how to properly care for their bodies in the physical practice.  The link is here to view more:)  Other beginnings also seem to be cropping up both in meeting new people and in new career opportunities.  It is an exciting time as it’s causing me along with the rest of us, to begin to get real about what we want and then take the steps to go after it.  Have fun, enjoy the new moon cycle and all the clarity it is bringing with it!Cheers!

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