Have the Time Of Your Life

Lately I have had gratitude in my mind and heart.  Recently the bigger picture and meaning of life has been settling into my being more and more.  Several conversations I have had with people keep bringing me back to this song over and over again.  Green Day hit a grand slam with “Time of Your Life” because it speaks to the souls of so many.  The words are so simple but the message runs deep. Given that it’s a message that keeps coming up, I guess I am supposed to listen.  First a reader commented on our recent chat The See Saw of Self Care about how children have this innate ability to have fun but as we grow we lose that ability along the way.  Maybe it’s because we don’t have as many opportunities to strengthen that muscle or just that we become myopic only focusing on life stressors that lead us to then focus on what we don’t have.  Last night, on the way to the theater I heard this song on the radio which brought up a discussion about living life to the fullest.  Then while at the theater, I was  reminded how my soul yearns to wander. And then to top it off…the Universe provides me with yet another opportunity to reflect upon this key topic.  During a lazy Sunday morning chat with a friend, the topic of fantasizing, dreaming and living in reality came up.  Ok, Universe you seriously don’t have to hit me over the head that hard….or maybe you do.  During our morning chat we were discussing the dreaminess of those of us with water sun signs (a bit of astrology for ya) and our tendency to be off romantically dreaming about far away lands and plans.  I grew up in a household full of water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, oye) so I know a thing or two about being overly emotional, dreamy as well as all the wonderful and not so wonderful things about us nurturing water peeps.  There is a tendency, and this isn’t just for us water folks, to be caught up in the life you WISH you could lead IF ONLY or MAYBE SOMEDAY.  A lot of people live day to day not very happy while day/night dreaming about the life they would rather lead.  Meanwhile tick tock tick tock goes the proverbial biological clock (and I don’t mean the baby kind.) It keeps ticking away while your life passes you by.  Unfortunately, this seems to be the case for a lot of people until most recently anyway.  Universal energies are beginning to pull and push people into taking the necessary steps they need to live the life that have always wanted to live.  Which leads back to this song….

Life is short. We hear this often but don’t fully take it in. Otherwise we would begin to Live Life We Were Dying.  By know you know that I am quite corny and love corny songs…soooo look up this one by Tim McGraw if you are similarly silly.  On an honest note, McGraw’s song speaks to just what we are discussing…the concept that we either are working on living or we are working on dying.  Really it’s either or.  When we are stuck in our heads wishing for a life we don’t have currently, we are losing out on the ability to actually live and enjoy the life we do have.  Oh boy do I know what that feels like.  I was stuck for a very, very long time in that place.  It was miserable.  I still get stuck in that place wishing things were different, my career developing in this specific certain way or relationships forming at just the right time or place.  Luckily I am not always the one in charge because often things work out much better than I could ever imagine and at a pace that feels a lot more manageable.  Even with the knowledge that the Universe knows better than me, I still find myself two steps ahead frustrated that the Universe is not keeping up with me.  (I do tend to walk fast too so there must be a correlation here:) Somewhere within all of this is a crucial life lesson that most of us need to learn which is how to have balance between being the creator and the receiver.  We co-create our lives with the Universe which means that we do need to take steps to make our dreams come true but we also need to get out of the way to let the Universe do it’s handy work.  I know that I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it weren’t for taking the steps to make it happen. At the same time I wouldn’t be here either without the spiritual assistance of the Universe.  Our dreams can come into fruition.  They don’t have to just be lofty wishes but we do need to take the steps to put ourselves out there for the opportunities to come towards us.  The movie, The Bucket List, also brought to light this key life lesson.  In the movie the actors were dying and decided to live out their last dreams and wishes.  We don’t have to wait until the time when we are told that this lifetime may be over.  We can choose it to be right here, right now.

There are certain things that would sound dreamy to some people but for me will become a reality at some point.  I have always had a dreamy spirit but have also been blessed with the fire to go after those dreams.  I also have realized over time that it wasn’t just the fire that made those things happen but it was the Universe placing me in the right place at the right time for the spark to ignite.  I have been blessed with many people and experiences that have enriched my life.  But I too was like the walking dead for a very long time.  When we get caught up in the daily stressors of life, they become our reality.  But that’s the reality we are choosing to see.  There is another reality that is just hidden behind our fears that is waiting for us.  So when is the time when you are going to choose to see that other reality?  The one that is full of all your dreams, passions and love?  I am grateful that I had so many opportunities to come back to this chat and now be able to share it with you.  We all deserve to Have The Time Of Our Lives.  It is not only possible but it is necessary if we are ever to be free and at peace.

Best wishes for a joy filled day:)


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