Hey There Beautiful One…Yes You!

So who doesn’t love a pop song?  Ok maybe many, but I would say that those who don’t need to be tickled.  A part of me becomes that teenager all over again when a really catchy one comes on the radio.  I’m back in the 80’s wearing a mini skirt, and matching shoes, purse and scrunchie in my hair dancing to the song on my boombox (yup kids boom boxes were big radios way back when and they twin cassette tapes.  Another time we can talk about what a cassette tape is:)  So last night, after my long sleepy day of nurturing myself and getting my nails done, I started to head towards the yoga studio where I teach.  Low and behold, my fav pop song as of late was on the radio.  It’s not just any catchy tune sung by teenage boys but it’s one that sings about the beauty within and without of someone who can’t see it for themselves.  I instantly became a mad fan of this song when One Direction released it last year.  So up went the volume and down went my singing and dance moves in the car on the ride over.  What did I see when I got to the studio? Why it was a room full of beautiful people ready to do some yoga!  A class that has struggled to be more than a small group private grew in size over night to a room full of people want to twist and stretch and breathe.  Ahhhh once again the Universe is far wiser than I.  Patience is the lesson the turtle teaches us.  Yes patience wise anxious one:)

So back to One Direction’s song of beauty.  The message speaks to the beauty we all have within that is often so hard to see when we are not in a good place.  People can see things in us that we don’t always see. I have found that to be true at times.  I am grateful that over time I have been blessed with wise friends and guides that have helped me move forward even in times when I felt like I couldn’t or wasn’t ready.  When we are struggling to believe in ourselves that shines outward.  Until we can begin to shift some of that energy around, it is really hard to manifest anything positive.  I was just having a discussion with some folks recently about the concept of the Law of Attraction.  What energies we put out to the Universe, we often draw towards us.  I have found that to be the case for myself as well: both in a positive and not so positive way.  When I am feeling hopeful and energetic, I can see new and exciting energy coming my way (such as just last night with my yoga class.)  When I am feeling stuck in the muck, I may gain insights into where I need to move, but if I stay there too long that heavy energy also can draw me down.  When we are around people who are vibrating on a high frequency we find that we are more uplifted.  At the same time if we are engaging with people and activities that feel more of a low energetic vibration we are further pulled down.  I have seen this a lot in my work with addictions.  When people connect with positive inspirational people they are able to move towards the light.  When they are trying to change but stay the same, the old behaviors or friends tend to prevent them from moving forward.  Our thoughts and the energy we embody says a lot about what comes or doesn’t come our way.  While this is all true, the shifting of energy into a positive realm needs to be balanced with being able to sit with energies and emotions that don’t feel so comfortable.  As we discussed in our chat Playing in the Muck learning how to play in the muck is a process that is important to not overlook.  By doing so, we allow ourselves the space to shift from the heart rather than just from the head.  Just turning the frown upside down doesn’t typically make a lasting change unless we do the internal work.  I bet you didn’t think that a pop song could bring up that amount of deep insight?  LOL One Direction probably didn’t intend on all that I am sure but that is what is so great about music, right?  Even a pop song can evoke Deep Thoughts:)

So for today, how will you embrace your inner beauty and allow it to shine as bright as this catchy tune?  How will you shine your inner beauty today so that when someone calls out “Hey there you Beautiful One….”  You will say “Hells Ya, that’s me you are talking to!”  Enjoy playing in your own beauty as it rises from the muck.  For me, I will go exercise, spend some time with my very dear grandmother and then take my mother off to the theater.  All of which not only represents things I will do for others but more importantly things that allow my beauty to shine as well:)


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