Living Your Truth

For those of us in New England, we are hopefully enjoying a lovely slow snowy morning at home.  As I have mentioned, a fan of the winter I am not, but one thing I have learned to very much appreciate over the years is how the season reinforces slowing down, self care and space to be more contemplative.  This seems to be the theme for me lately as 2013 has shifted into 2014.  In our last discussion Clearing Space Within we discussed the intensity of the energy that lead up to the change over of the years.  There was a madhouse of energy moving around externally and internally within most people.  One of my favorite astrologers, Tom Lescher, discussed this intense energy in his last Pele report of the year

During the report, Tom discussed the intense energy as shining a light on conflict in relationships.  It was not just any conflict that was to rise up but conflicts that highlight underlying issues that needed to come to the surface for clearing. Whew and have they!  Not sure about you but I have felt and seen how this crossover has been about clearing up what is clouding vision to bring me more in line with my truth.  Tom suggested that the work within this planetary energy was to move towards finding the middle path: one of living in truth while balancing it with love and compassion.  Not an easy balance even for the most grounded of people but something that is crucial along the path of living your truth from a place of love.  This concept of truth telling has stuck with me since I listened to that report and has been resonating with me as I begin to chart out on creating a new beginning. It is also something that arose during a conversation I had with some people recently. What does it mean to live your truth?  How do you even know what your truth is that you are to live?  Deep thoughts by Jack Handy…..

Well for me, finding my truth has been a process: one that has not been easy.  It has required me suspending my typical fear based living in order to listen to the inner voice below the fear.  I have shared during some of our chats recently that that voice has been speaking up more lately in between the fluctuations of my mind. It’s told me things like “the world is much bigger than your thoughts” and “have more fun.”  What that voice typically doesn’t say is “the sky is falling, the world is black, things will never work out, you are doomed for failure.”  Those words are typically said in the voice of my fear.  My fear likes to speak loudly at times; almost as if it’s at a loud club where there is a band playing and it needs me to hear over the loud drums and chatter around.  It becomes like that moment when your friend is screaming over the music, the music stops and all you hear is your friend sharing something intimate very, very loudly.  You just want to crawl under a rock and hide.  Yes, this is how I feel when my fear decides to assault me with it’s words.  The wise mind, the part of me that combines emotions with rational thinking, knows that fear is not reality.  Once I stop listening and tune into my breath, fear stops yelling and my truth has a chance at the mike.  Someone asked me recently how do you discover who you really are at the core.  For me, that has comes when I allow my truth to sing louder than my fear.  My truth is playful, silly, spontaneous.  It enjoys life, people, new experiences, learning, loving and living.  My fear likes to stay at home, not trust, stay safe, not open up, keep the status quo even if it’s not working and basically hunker down as if the winter will never end.  My fear and my truth have pretty much nothing in common so it’s really easy for me to see the difference between the two.  My truth resides in my breath and my heart. My fear resides in my thoughts.  My fear begins to take residence in other areas of my body generally in a way that makes me feel awful.  My truth does the same thing except it makes me feel excited, energized and hopeful.  While the two have these very distinct differences, I need to connect with the present moment and my breath to discern which is speaking to me. When I am engaging in activities, relationships, work, that make me feel uplifted it is in direct line with my truth.  When I am doing the same but in a way that is sucking the energy from me…well that in line with my fear.

So back to living your truth and dealing with conflict in relationships.  It would seem, if one was to believe Tom’s report, that there will be no way around conflict in relationships at the beginning of this year.  Sure we can hide from it but that would be in serve of living in our fear.  We can also choose to assault people with our truth but that would be disrespectful and in line with creating negative karma.  Instead, it could be helpful to begin to see that conflict is arising in a relationship or relationships as an opportunity for you to create a more truthful connection with yourself and with others around you.  One of my intentions for 2014 is to use this year as an opportunity to create only relationships and work that is in line with my vision so that I end this year fully embodying my truth in all areas of my life.  This will mean that more shifts will need to occur in order to make this intention happen but I am willing to take that on.  As things begin to change, it becomes harder to drag the old baggage around.  It has been said to me by a few wise business women I have met that as you get clearer about your vision all people, places and things that are not in line with that vision fall off.  As you get clear, you get razor sharp vision and those that are not on that path will probably choose a different road.  I have found that to be true.  While letting go is not always something I do with ease, the Universe often has a way of removing the obstacles that I can’t seem to remove myself.  So to will be the same for you as your path of truth telling becomes more evident.

As you begin to ease into 2014 what areas of your life to do you need to begin to start living your truth?  How can you let your gut, heart and truth do the driving and let your fear get off at the next available T stop?  For me carrying that fear around makes everything seem like a challenge full of mental gymnastics which leaves me emotionally exhausted.  I continue to become more and more ready to kick fear to the curb and embrace what I know to be true.  I wish the same for you as well:)  Best wishes in living your truth today!



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