Clearing Space Within

Happy New Year!!  Hope you are all enjoying the energy of this day and utilizing the energy of the new moon coming tonight to set out on a path of creating new beginnings. New moon on New Years Day, wooo that is some positive energy brewing for sure!  I have had some powerful days leading up to the New Year which has helped me be on a path of gaining greater clarity about things in my life.  Clearing space within can be one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself.  This was becoming quite challenging for me with the intensity of certain energies moving through me so the other day I set out for an adventure to my favorite place, Cranes Beach in Ipswich, MA.  For me, there is no beach quite like it in Massachusetts.  You can walk for miles and miles without seeing a soul especially on a brisk winter day.  The ocean has always been a place where I feel a God like presence and it was there that day for sure.  Lately, when I can quiet my inner crazy, voices rise to the surface handing me messages from my soul.  The message I got while by the ocean was “have more fun.”  Ahhhhhh yes, that’s what has been missing a bit lately is fun.  Fun is one of those important life qualities that gets lost along the way when we get bogged down in life’s seriousness. We discussed this in our recent chat The World is Much Bigger Than Your Thoughts    Astrologers have been speaking about the review of the energy of 2013 and in particular the energy leading up to the end of the year as being very intense.   I could definitely feel it for sure as most of the people I know could as well.  People were driving erratic, yelling at each other and completely disconnected from their body and breath. It was like fireworks going off inside waiting for the big finale.  All the internal and external intensity was clouding my vision until during the final hours of 2013 when some big insights came up during a girl chat celebration.  Fun is the spice of life.  It’s connected to love but as we spoke many times last year, love must start within.  When we are centered in love for ourselves, we have cleared space within to enjoy life freely.  When we focus external on certain situations or what appears to be obstacles, we have lost direction and the boat begins to chart in a direction away from the heart.  The conflicts in life are often arising so that we may clearly see a part of ourselves that was hidden and needs attention.  So Universe in case you are wondering, yes I am seeing clearly now with open eyes and an open heart.  Situations that appear to be obstacles are most often opportunities for transformation.  While not comfortable, they do help us grow if we use them as such.

Today I have been doing my own review of 2013 and setting of intentions for 2014.  Seeking balance and peace within means that we need to not only look at the things that have been revealed for our transformation but to also look at the places where we triumphed and expanded beyond our wildest dreams.  2013 was not an easy year for anyone. Most people I know have gone through major overhauls and some pitfalls along the way.   It was a year that was meant to challenge the status quo, shake you up and bring you in more connection with your heart and soul’s desires.  It was a bumpy ride, for me was it was at time nauseatingly exciting as roller coasters always were for me when I was younger:)  This time last year, I had no idea what I was in store for and I can say that to be true of today as well.  But one thing I am certain of, is that 2013 provided me with an opportunity for a greater sense of clarity than I have ever had before.  While there are parts of destiny that are outside of our control, there is also parts that are within our control as well.  We co create our destiny with the Universe.  So today, I am saying loud and clear that I will be co creating more fun, more lightness of being and new connections with whom I  can share the joy and love.  Coming back to center is always a blessing and as I share with my clients the key is working towards remaining rooted during life’s storms.  For today, that means practicing yoga, meditation, spending time with you all, drinking tea, resting my body and soul while watching some silly movies.  Moving mindfully with gratitude for the clarity that came in 2013 and was restored in the final hours as well.

How will you clear space within today to make room for a deeper connection to your heart and soul’s desires?  What intentions do you have for the New Year that are a reflection of that clarity?  Having more fun is at the top of my list along with many others.  Use the energy of the new moon to help you come into a deeper connection with your new beginnings.



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