Let Life be Your Teacher


Lately life has begun to feel like a jigsaw puzzle, with certain puzzle pieces missing and then suddenly becoming found in the funniest of places.  Yesterday in reflecting on the signs that the Universe has been showing me, I remembered this old cartoon friend and his search for the clues.  The theme from Inspector Gadget is a catchy one but watching the video confirmed its connection to this process that a lot of us are going through these days.  Our chat yesterday, The Power of Wax was just one of the many interesting shifts that has occurred lately.  After writing that liberating post about sexuality, I went for a walk and found this from the Universe….

to which I smiled as it’s seemed like a little wink from the Universe letting me know that telling the tale of the Power of Wax was just one of the many changes within and without that are on its way.  For those that have known me over a long period of time, they have seen me through many many years of trying to figure out life from my head.  Being an intellectual, analytical sort does not serve one well in living life to it’s fullest.  The lesson that the Universe keeps giving me over and over and over again is to Let Life be my Teacher.  What does this even mean, you say??? Well until recently, I would have no clue.  But from what I can gather, it is all about slowing down the fluctuations and fears of the mind long enough so that you can hear what your gut and heart have to say.  This year I have made many decisions that seem rationally ridiculous.  They have taken me astray from what I know as my norm over and over again.  I believe I have totally freaked some people in my life out and others are on the side lines cheering me on again and again.  I am beginning to realize that while my brain has created a lot of thoughts that have taken me to brilliant places, my brain knows very little in all actuality.  The fun in life has come when I let the thoughts go and just do what feels right in the moment. This has brought me to far away places where I met friends who touched my heart, it allowed me to leave a job that while was financially stable was killing my spirit, it allowed me to start my business and start chatting with you all and it has allowed me to let people into my life who have enriched it for the better and brought in whimsical fun. Yesterday, my gut even told me to chat with you about sex despite my rational mind telling me that some people would view that as inappropriate.  My gut along with the signs from the Universe is now telling me to take steps to broaden my skill set in a new and different way. Whenever I seem to be struggling in my head weighing out the checks and balances, the Universe shows me the way.  If I listen closely, I don’t have to spend as many hours as I used to ruminating over this or that. Believe me, the ruminations are still there but my heart is more in the driver’s seat these days.

Letting life be your teacher is really a lot of fun.  It does take patience (which is not my strong suit I will admit) because it doesn’t usually move as fast as the ego.  Being type A, I am used to believing that I make things happen.  While my self will has helped me achieve a lot, I have learned that it has not allowed me to achieve happiness.  The reins need to begin to be turned over to my heart, gut and to the collective universal energy if I am to achieve authentic happiness.  There is excitement that comes with viewing life as a jigsaw puzzle or scavenger hunt.  Whenever fear comes up that things may not be going in the right direction or moving fast enough, the Universe gives me a sign to tell me that I am just where I need to be.  If I can allow life to unfold and follow the clues, my happiness will unfold right before my eyes; right here, right now.  As I settled down last night, I watched one of my favorite movies about life; Eat, Pray, Love.  There are so many good one liners in that movie that connect in with our chat today but I will share this one that stood out to me last night…”be prepared for endless waves of transformation.”  This is what happens when we turn the reins over to our heart and we open up to life being our teacher.  We never know where it will lead us…but we do know that it will take us on the ride of our life and that is where the cherry on top of the proverbial sundae comes from.  It’s all about enjoying the ride and letting go of the destination point because when you get there you will know.  The destination points that I have been brought to this year have been so much fun and my rational mind would NEVER have allowed me to go there if I listened to it.

How will you let life be your teacher today?  Where will you let your heart lead you?  Enjoy the Universe’s magic carpet ride!  For me, I am leaving it open to chance.  My scheduled plans are often not about having fun.  I am on vacation and vacations are about enjoyment so wherever the Universe would like to take me today, I am up for it!


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