The Power of Wax

Everyone loves the Summer, right?  Who doesn’t love the sound and smell of the ocean, making sand castles and bikinis?  It’s a time of year when days are long, energy is high and fun is in the air.  What if you could have that same whimsical energy at any time of the year?  Summer in December perhaps?  This is a post that may shock some and make others giddy with acknowledgement.  I am no shrinking violet and so it seemed the story needed to be told.  I know you are just dying to find out what I am setting us up for, right? Alright, alright, I will just tell you or do I have to.  Mr. Miyagi seems to be doing a good job of that right now.  Yes, we are talking about wax and not the kind you use to shine your car.  Today’s topic is bikini wax and it’s connection to unleashing the creative beast within.  With all the holiday doldrums on it’s way I decided to bring a little spice back into this cold dreary time of you and spice it did bring.  OMG you say, did she just say that she is getting bikini waxes? Uh huh I just did.  Today we are going to talk about that thing that we all do, have done or want to do but don’t talk about…  In thinking about this post I turned to one of my besties, Kate for a little girl time.  Much laughter was had as we talked about how funny it is that this would be seen as taboo. We can talk about sex, even graphically, but what we can’t seem to be open about is how to embrace it as a part of health and wellness. Women who are empowered sexually are seen as slutty, dirty, loose, cougars, or the kind of girls you don’t marry. Sex is needed to reproduce but we can’t talk about our need for it as a species otherwise. Young girls have been empowered to have sex at a younger and younger age but not taught how to build the confidence needed to own their sexuality.  The reason why Sex and the City was such a huge hit is because it showed women who embraced their sexuality and were not afraid to say so.  Women by the droves tuned in each week to be a voyeur into the lives of women with real sexual confidence. This brings us back to the concept of Summer in December.  Summer in December has become an outward reflection of the inner work that has happened over the past year and a lot of that work has been with you all.  It is all about taking the self confidence cultivated within and allowing to shine for few, not all :), to see.

In reflection on the pure exhilaration that Summer in December has brought, I decided to turn to the energetic system of the chakras.  You may remember that we discussed them in our chat Shifting the Energy of Anxiety.  In order to better understand the power that wax has had on me, I thought it interesting to look into the energetic channels to see what may be going on underneath the waxing on and off.  Swadhistanam or the second chakra is related to the pelvic region of the body.  Organs associated with it are the prostate for men, uterus, vagina, cervix and ovaries for women.  The lower vertebrae, pelvis and appendix are also related.  It is the storehouse for sexuality, creative energy, personal relationships, finances, sensuality and pleasure.   The topics we have covered this year include issues around self compassion, love, happiness, pleasure, smiling, synchronicity, releasing anger, self love, embracing healthy change, self esteem, self expression and the list goes on and on.   Now tell me this….how does sex not fit in?  Sex is a crucial part of living a healthy life.  It is where creation begins.  It is a huge part of what drives people to unite and create healthy loving relationships.  Having a healthy sex life is about learning to receive as well as give which is a topic we covered recently.  Tapping into and harnessing the power of Swadhistanam allows for creativity, pleasure and love to flow more freely.  It is no surprise to me that my connection with this region of the body whether through wax, yoga, bodywork or acupuncture almost always releases pent up emotion and allows for creativity and love to rise to the surface.  So what is all the fuss about?  Well, it reminds me of a conversation I just had with another friend about the fear around empowering people with information.  What might happen if we empowered young women to embrace their sexuality as a healthy part of their growing lives rather than something that they either gave away to others or held onto for dear life?  Hmmmm wouldn’t that be an interesting thing to learn?  We may find more women becoming confident, creative and finding their own pleasure rather than looking to those outside of themselves to provide it for them.

Clarity is about knowing what you want and not being afraid to go after it.  As we access clarity universally we also just may be able to access it sexually as well.  During our Thanksgiving chat Thank You Clarity we discussed the brilliance that comes with having a clear vision of what you want.  This year, while challenging, has given me that gift.  As Mr. Miyagi said “there is no room for guess so.  It is yes or no.”  However you choose to shine your inner confidence and courage outward is a reflection of your own beauty.   Inner and outer beauty has a direct connection to the expression of your authentic self. When the second chakra is balance who you are at the core is allowed to flow freely outward.  Fear is often trapped in this region causing imbalances.  This could be from trauma or  from receiving societal messages that this area of the body is to be hidden.  There have been many efforts to help liberate women from the shame they carry about their vaginas and their sexuality.  The Vagina Monologues being one of the most powerful around the world.     As you reflect on your own authentic self, what helps you to allow your second chakra to be more free?  Maybe the power of wax brings a smile to your face or maybe it’s been more profound like the connection to inner beauty, creativity and confidence.  How will you allow yourself to own your sexuality, creativity and pleasure today? Stella got her groove back by going to Jamaica…how will you?  For me, it’s been writing this post.  Some analyzation happened over will I, won’t I but my second chakra said “Hell Ya…tell it like it is” and so I did.  The tale of the power of wax has been told.  Hope it made you chuckle, think and ultimately be empowered as well!



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