Abundance…The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Gifts are on most people’s mind these days.  With all the pressure around consuming around this time of year, it quite often becomes the time of the year that is most stressful.  People often feel that they need to spend but are often worried about how to afford the giving that they either want or feel obligated to do.  In our last chat, Receive the Gift of Receiving we discussed the flip side of giving: the art of receiving.  Today we are going to take our discussion a step further and discuss the concept of receiving abundance.  Abundance, what does that mean a friend asked during a discussion over the weekend.  Abundance is another lesson, or spiritual concept, that I have been working with for some time.  My favorite  definition of this word on the internet were these two “overflowing fullness and extremely plentiful in money, love and spirit.”  Ahhhhh doesn’t that make you just smile?  The belief that life’s energy is overflowing fullness and plentiful for all would seem to challenge the current belief system of scarcity, doubt and fear that we are socialized to believe in. You may be wondering about how this factor’s into the reality that the economy has been struggling and people are still having a hard time making ends meet.  How can it be possible that attaining all that you desire is just as easy as changing your mindset?  While it is true that we are going through harder times, it is also true that the lens we look through to see the world determines a lot of what comes our way.  When we are fearful of there being enough, we can become greedy which causes us to hold on tight for dear life.  That level of protection may keep bad stuff from happening but it also doesn’t allow for the good things to come towards you.

Earlier this year, when I knew that I was going to be making a change in career, my fear was palpable.  I was riding that very fine line between fear and excitement almost every day; all day.  Staying grounded was a full time job on top of the job I was already doing.  Lucky for me, I had people to help me stay more centered and were supporting me all the way.  During one of my many visits to The Tibet Arts Store in Porter Sq, Cambridge http://www.tibetarts.com/page.php?id=4 I found this lovely little guy.  I have always been enamored with the Laughing Buddha as it’s hard not to giggle when you look at him. I realized after going online that he was the Laughing Buddha of Abundance and Prosperity and knew he had to be mine.  I kept him close to me on my desk at work and would rub his belly when my anxiety would go berserk.  I accepted my new position, gave notice at my old job, booked a vacation to Ireland and threw some of that old caution I had been holding on to out the window.  I would share with people that I had no idea what would happen.  My only fall back plan was to ask my grandmother if I could live with her if the bottom fell out from under me. While this was always an option in the back of mind, it would have been really hard to imagine doing. But guess what, so far that bottom has not collapsed.  I accepted that first paycheck in my now part time job with sheer amazement that the Universe provided an opportunity for me to pay bills and stay stable.  Each and every time I have become fearful of things exploding financially, an opportunity to make money has arrived, people owing me money has arisen or people kindly offering to be of help has come to me as well.  Was this the Laughing Buddha looking out for me?  Maybe, but I would say it is more from the lesson that his visual image has been teaching me. This lesson being trusting in the process of life. Ah yes, you know you have heard this a million times but it’s so true….we must trust that life will unfold in our best interest in order for that to occur.

Belief in there always being enough means that we must trust what is not visible or tangible.  It means taking risks and letting go of control.  As I stated in my last post, this is not in my DNA.   I am a person who makes things happen. When I make a goal, I go for it full speed ahead.  While this has been true, what is equally true is that there is a process by which I have been placed around people and situations that have supported those goals being achieved.  Trusting that the Universe will provide has been a coming to process for me.  For some people, the action of doing is process that needs to develop.  We must realize that both are equally important.  There is a mystical element to life that is far beyond what the mind can imagine and the eye can see.  At the same time the Universe doesn’t coming knocking on your to be your savoir when you are acting in ways not in line with spirit.  We work in conjunction with this spiritual energy.  In this process, it is important to remember that everything has energy including your thoughts.  Those thoughts of scarcity and fear will bring you more of what you are projecting outward.  When I project feelings of fear and doubt, it feels useless to chase after what I want.  The more I embody feelings of hope and abundance, the more energy I have which seems to bring opportunities my way.  It’s all related to what we discussed in our chat, Synchronicity  When we are in synch with the energy of the Universe we see the signs that lead us down the path of overflowing fullness. We also are emitting energy of openness and willingness to receive.  Life becomes effortless and things run more smoothly.  From the place of abundance, we find that we can then give more freely from an open heart as we know that more will come back our way.  The well overflows and then replenishes and then overflows again.

During this week that is often associated with giving thanks for what you have, how will you also acknowledge the abundance that the Universe offers? What actions will you take to free up some space within to allow for more to come your way?  I am continuing to take some time to slow down and appreciate all that has occurred over the past year.  When we sit back and appreciate all that we have and all that we are, we can see that life is bigger than the stressful moments.  There is something much larger than us that is going on.  This Universal energy flow is what allows for life to be so interesting and intriguing.  Letting go of fear and free falling into trust allows for life to be more of a wondrous adventure forever giving and receiving. Abundance is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Best wishes on your abundant journey:)


  1. Lyndah Malloy-Glover on November 29, 2013 at 3:30 am

    Hi Stephanie,

    What a beautiful message you have placed before us with this post regarding giving and receiving and the spiritual energy that rules both. I like that you noted that all things have energy including our thoughts and the words we use to express those thoughts.

    Thanks for the 411 on how to live an abundant life!

    • admin on November 29, 2013 at 1:47 pm

      Happy you found it helpful;) important message for us all to remember especially around the holidays;) hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving;)

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