Busting through Obstacles


Om Ganesha.  Some of you maybe a friends of Ganesha.  Some may wonder why I am speaking in tongues and there’s a picture of a golden elephant in this post.  Ganesh is a Hindu God and is known to be the Remover of Obstacles.  I must begin by saying chanting has never really been my thing.  We did A LOT of chanting in yoga training.  We often chanted when we first got to training.  This was very early on the weekends and much of training was during the winter.  As I have previously stated I am not a winter nor a morning person.  Speaking in tongues that early when cold in a room filled with lots of people was not my favorite part of training.  But I must say that when I have listened to yoga music with chanting, in particular Donna Delorey it strikes my soul on a very deep level.  It wasn’t until I went to a workshop on New Year’s Day with one of my favorite teachers that I became open to the power that chanting can have.  In this workshop we practiced a chant to Ganesh which I immediately caused me to catch onto the fire.  See at that moment, I like a lot of people, was trying to work through the obstacles that were keeping me stuck. This was prior to me having any idea how I was going to become unstuck.  All I knew was that 2013 needed to be a different year for me.  I needed to find a way of doing what it was that I had been saying I wanted to do for the past handful of years.  So who is this Ganesh and why was he so powerful?

Ganesh, as I mentioned is the Hindu God known for his powers of removing both spiritual and material obstacles.  After the workshop I looked up more about Ganesha.  Sure I had learned about him during yoga training several years ago but like I said, I was pretty much half asleep during those wee hours of the morning.  After the workshop and research I immediately went to Tibet Arts in Cambridge http://tibetartsgallery.com/ and bought this adorable guy.  He took up residence on my desk at work.  At the time there were many obstacles in my life.  My emotions and the emotions that my work entailed were two HUGE obstacles to me chasing my dreams.  Having this cute man around me as much as possible at that time seemed very important.  At at that time, I was open to any suggestions that people had that would help me move forward.  I began chanting the above chant to Ganesh during meditation every morning.  First I would chant softly and then I thought to myself “say it like you mean it!”  And so I did.  Loudly and I meant it.  I would repeat the chant in my head at work when I got into a struggle. Ganesha’s energy came with me everywhere I went.  And wouldn’t you know, obstacles began to be lifted as soon as January was halfway through.  I received a call from a former colleague about a client that we had shared and during that conversation I learned about what is now my current job.  Did Ganesh do this for me?  Was this just a coincidence?  Not totally and no are my answers.  What I tell my clients who struggle with believing in spiritual practices is that it is not that the Universe, God or Gods do things for us but that when we work in conjunction with them we can find that doors open up much more easily.  Most importantly the door that unlocks our heart.  If I chanted to Ganesh and stared at his cute face every day but didn’t do anything different I would not be where I am right now FOR SURE!  I used the power of spirit to unlock my own spirit which eventually unlocked the obstacles.

I am a lover of Ganesh and use his energy frequently in my life.  I still chant to him especially when the storm of life picks up.  Most recently Ganesha and I had many a talks.  Life is spiraling but these days it’s spiraling up instead of down.  Spirit, will, strength, courage, hope, love, positivity, smiles, tears has brought me to the place of being able to reveal to you the birth of my baby.  My website launched on Thursday with it’s final edits yesterday.  This feels like the official start of something new.  All my efforts both in the physical world as well as spiritual have come together in this project.  It feels amazing and exhausting all at once!  I think the latter has caused me to not quite fully take in the former as what is usual when you work hard on a project for a long time.  I am very excited though. I have many people in the world to thank and be grateful too. I am also very grateful to spirit, in particular Ganesha’s spirit.  It has helped me to believe more in myself.  Yes, it was helpful to pull on the power of the Gods to help but I know that I did this.  I went on the interview for my job, I followed my heart and I began having tea with you all.  All these steps that I took, in unison with the Universe, is what got me to this point.  For that I am very proud.  In the past achievement was about proving myself but at this point I have nothing to prove to anyone.  I just am.  My website is www.wholehealthhealingforyou.com.

I leave you with one question…What obstacles are in the way of you finding your soul’s desires?  How might you remove those obstacles and make one step towards unlocking your heart?



  1. Lyndah Malloy-Glover on October 19, 2013 at 3:41 pm

    Hi Stephanie,

    Enjoyed your post immensely. I too learned about Ganesha as a yoga student. I have him on my desk and in my car. I appreciate the reminder. So often we forget to use all of the tools [in our box] we have acquired over time.


    • admin on October 20, 2013 at 3:56 pm

      So happy to hear about your love if Ganesh and that the post inspired you;) he is a very cute and inspiring energy for sure!


    • Lyndah Malloy-Glover on October 23, 2013 at 6:06 pm

      He is so much more than cute and inspiring but that description will open the door to a curious mind that is sick and tired of being sick and tired, to try something new … cute is non-threatening and a great attention getter!


    • admin on October 24, 2013 at 3:43 pm

      🙂 Yes very true which is the point of my blog. I like to break down the barriers that people perceive there so that they can better understand how these concepts can be integrated into everyday life even in the simplest of ways:)

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