Pssst I have a secret….

Well it’s not actually a secret per se….but that’s what it’s called. You’ve got it, The infamous book and DVD THE SECRET.  I know, I know, eye rolls, Oprah’s Book list, annoying self help BS. I know all the grips, I said them all five years ago when a friend suggested that I buy the book.  This was a social work friend of course but a person who also believed in the power of energy.  I made all the complains, “I am not spending 25 bucks to read what everyone else has already said.  Yadda Yadda Yadda, focus on the positive, not the negative, just think positive thoughts. etc. I KNOW this stuff.”  But I bought it anyway, because I was at the beginning of the road that brought me to this spot on my journey and I needed all the inspiration I could get.  And guess what, I’m right back there, seeking inspiration wherever I can get it. This is why I am sharing the SECRET with you.  Because despite the cheesiness of it all, the movement around The Law of Attraction has been very useful for me and I think it could be for you as well.

The Law of Attraction states that what you think you see,  It is exactly like the title of my previous post Your Eyes Go Where Your Car Goes What you focus on you manifest more of.  Your thoughts send out a magnetic signal that send out the magnetic signal that is drawing the parallel back to you says Dr. Joe Vitale in the Secret DVD. Could that be true?  On a subjective level you can see examples of this everyday.  How often do you see negative angry folks hanging out with upbeat positive loving folks?  NEVER!  This article from Huffington Post .  speaks to the mirror neurons in the brain that actually contribute to the Law of Attraction.  The mirror neurons activate in the observer when they are observing someone doing something. We find ourselves doing the same thing. Like attracts like.  It’s like your momma told you way back when “you are the company you keep.”  If you want to know more about yourself look at the people who surround you. Also thinking fearful thoughts activates the amgydala  the brain that activates the stress response in the body.  Our thoughts are powerful.  Our car goes where our eyes go.  How many times have you set out to go to a place that you KNOW has no parking but that day you are sure you will figure it out.  And guess what, you find rock star parking! Ha, wild right?  Actually your belief that it was possible made it come into fruition..

The beauty of “The Secret” was in it’s simplicity and repetition. When learning a new way of being repeat repeat repeat helps get the message to sink in. There are three steps 1) ASK for what you want, 2) BELIEVE that you already have it and 3) Get ready to RECEIVE it.  Right now you are like, “oh ya, it’s just that simple, right?” Well entrepreneurs and athletes use visualization practices just like these all the time..  Remember the Flowbie, the vacuum cleaner attachment that cut hair? Now tell me that person didn’t have to have some serious intense self acceptance and belief!  LOL You are your product that you are trying to sell.  The same can be said for finding a relationship, finding a new job, losing weight, etc. These things do not occur if you are thinking “wow this sucks, it’s never going to happen.”  NO WAY JOSE. . This may sound like karma.  It does relate to what you put out you get back.The Buddhist definition of karma is that it is what we bring into this lifetime from the last that is unresolved.  It is part of our “life lesson” or “life’s work” for this lifetime to work through.  Our behavior towards ourselves and others can play a part in whether our karma gets resolved in this lifetime or not. Should we do bad by others, we are creating more karma for future lifetimes. Even if you don’t believe in reincarnation, most people get that should you do bad well that comes right back atcha one way or the other. The same is true for being positive.  It’s also similar to “The Golden Rule” which is that you should always treat others the way you would like to be treated.

There are loads of books telling you how to work this concept.. I find the cleaning up clutter and keeping positive messages and things around me are helpful.  What I see I move towards.  Just like with the people you spend time with, your personal space says a lot about you as well.  If your in bad space, so is your living space.  Go through everything and what doesn’t represent what you want to manifest, get rid of it.  If you don’t need it now, they you don’t need it. Then get clear about what you want to bring into your life. Meditate on it and be specific.  You can make this like a blessing or ritual with meditation, journaling and then burning or ripping up the paper.  The Secret says that if you order an item through a catalog, you assume it is on it’s way.  This is what you need to do with  your believes.  You need to feel that it is on it’s way.  Your work is done.  Go about your life and move forward embodying the change.  Whatever practices help you get still and calm your emotions, practice, practice, practice.

Embody what you want. Manifest it and make it happen! Take your passion and make it happen!  Just like the song says TAKE YOUR PASSION AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!!


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