Whyyyyyyy? But whyyyyy?

Stuck in the muck I was for part of my day and then I saw this and it made me laugh! HA! Love exists even in the muck.  Maybe you were feeling the intense energy in the Universe today too.  But whyyyyy  the young child asks. Yes, that’s the cry of your “inner child” you hear when you don’t want to accept life as is. Whyyyyy meeeeee? Ugh you have said that one right? So the reverse may be ummm so this human experience should be occurring to someone else? Um you say, well not exactly but ya I guess so.  I hear you.  I often don’t want to feel anything uncomfortable.  I would love to pass that along.  Not literally like I want you to have my pain but you get it right?  If you don’t have to feel, you don’t have to deal.  Cool right?  Nooooooo. Not cool.  Hmmm why you ask?  Because you will deal with your feelings on some level.  This may sound strange but let me explain further.  See the first noble truth of Buddhism is that suffering (dukkha) is part of the human condition.  It’s a given, it’s not happening TO YOU, it’s happening to all of us.  So if this is true it means there is no getting away with not going through it.  I mean that you can try your hardest not to feel or deal, but you will have to at some point.  Tara Brach speaks about what she terms “Radical Acceptance.”  The ole “it is, what it is” which is my Grammie’s favorite saying these days:)  You may not like it, but it is what is arising right here, right now.  In accepting what is occuring, we can free ourselves from some degree of suffering.  The problem is not the suffering, its more our reaction to the suffering that causes more suffering.  The following speaks to how begin to see the connection of everything and a path towards the reduction of suffering..

The nutrition coaching program was so extensive it was more like a graduate degree.  It worked me hard but that’s OK because I love to learn.  I am so grateful I chose that program as it forever changed my understand of the healing process.  It taught me the connection between the physical, emotional, environmental, nutritional and spiritual factors of heath and wellness.  As I tell my clients there is no different between what happens in your mind and your shoulders, the ball of your foot or your arse for that matter!  HA!  Yes, where do you think the term tight ass came from?! So if there is a connection between your physical body, your emotional body, your environment, your diet and your spiritual life then that means should something shift in any of these areas it could shift the others as well.  Should you feel depressed or anxious, and lock down those feelings by covering them up, your body will probably take them on. Yup.  What do you think causes that upset stomach, those tight muscles, or that high blood pressure?  That’s your emotions speaking to you from your body, saying “hey there, you can’t get away that easy.  You don’t want to listen, well I will just scream louder.”  This happens to me but the funny thing I have figured out is that should I choose to listen, the screams become whispers.  Yup, that’s because all that those emotions wanted was me to listen.  I do a little yoga, acupuncture, do some self massage on tennis balls and it all rises up to the surface. Once I feel and deal, the physical sensations dissolve.  All my emotions wanted was a witness.  That’s all. This process of seeing the interconnection of everything is connected to my post from yesterday How Hungry Are Your Ghosts?  I spoke about how our Hungry Ghosts represent an unmet need. They are trying to bring our attention to some emotional need that is unresolved.  The trick is how to listen without reacting.  How to feel, deal and not keep that shit down.
You may be saying to yourself…easier said than done and you would be right on. Yup dealing with our deepest inner truth kinda sucks sometimes. It is much easier to feed the Hungry Ghost some “comfort food”  or dress it up on the outside than to really listen.  Listening to our ghosts compassionately and lovingly takes strength and courage.  But instead of focusing on the difficulties of the process I like to keep it simple.  The integrative model of healing was so attractive to me because it meant any change, however small, could have a major impact.  Creating a meditation practice takes discipline but can make a big impact in other areas of our life.  When I sit even if for just five or ten minutes a day I have found it gives me a window into what my thinking mind can not see. It does take willingness to see through this window and that willingness is not always present. But even though I may not always want to deal, I eventually come around to it because it always makes me feel lighter.. I know this to be true from a treatment perspective as well.   In my work with a former client I witnessed how chiropractic care decreased their depression.  Yoga not only influences a person’s posture, helping them touch their toes but I have witnessed it’s affects on emotional issues as well. Greens are not only helpful for digestion but they give you light flexible energy which makes you feel more emotionally stable.  So you get the picture, right?  Anything you do along the road of getting healthier could make a major impact.  For today, what’s the step you will make towards becoming healthier?  For me, today I decided to take a walk through the Boston Common to get onto the T rather than grabbing it at Copley.  Thankfully I did as I got to see several hearts along the way:)
Be happy and healthy:)


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