Can I get a hell ya?!

So yesterday I wrote about the heavy energy I was feeling.  Well it wasn’t just me, I know several people who were in the same boat.  This is a very pivotal point astrologically.  Yesterday and today are known as the grand trine which is a big time of change.  It is what is called a “portal” into a new paradigm, a new reality of sorts. It is an opportunity for us to create our own new reality, leaving behind what no longer works. A Grand Sextile is formed in the sky which is in the form of hexagon (this is not visible to the eye but go ahead maybe you will be that one person who can see it:)  Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune will connect with Venus, Pluto, and the moon.  It is a combination of intuition and hidden shadows which brings stuff up to the surface for us to see and then release.  I am a Pieces, which means, I am creative and in tune with emotions:)  Intuition is also something I have been in the process of cultivating on a deeper level.  So things are going a little haywire.  But this post is not about my meltdowns it is about being SILLY!!  While I was going through this in Boston yesterday there were a lot of people who were acting like it was a sunny summer day.  Go figure?!  How dare they when this intensity was happening with our planetary alignment, right?  Well thank god they were because it provided some much needed comic relief!
Yesterday as I was waiting for the T at Park Street station there was a man, dancing, like he was in the dark but hell no he was in the broad daylight WITHOUT MUSIC!  Yup, he was busting a move, boogieing on down, tearing it up.  Did he care about the crowds of people waiting to go home?  Hells no, it did not matter.   He did not have ear phones on and there was no live music in the station at that time.  He didn’t need it, he was fine just with the music in his head. If people were looking, it didn’t seem to bother him in the least.  Now it is completely possible that he was on some mood/mind altering substance for sure, BUT he made me think “that’s the ticket!”   Man he’s got it right.  You can be all caught up in the worries of today or the future, OR you can just bust a move smiling away.  And you know what, he made me smile, actually he made me crack up laughing long after I saw him.  So this morning when I woke up in the same mood I thought, man this has got to change.  So I put on some Katy Perry on the T ride to work and yes, I busted a move.  Never underestimate the power of Katy, man she has some bubble gum fierceness to her!  I wasn’t as courageous as the man I saw yesterday but nonetheless it helped.  This lead me to reflect for a moment on the concept of energy and how I have been writing about how it’s the willingness to shift our energy that matters the most.  I got just fed up enough with my own dark cloud that I just threw me on some Katy and let loose.  This lead me to this post.  I just had to share some shits and giggles with you all because making you giggle makes me giggle some more.
Doing laughter research is the best medicine.  I strongly encourage it. Giggle therapy. I did a Youtube search on Dancing in the street.  I got lots of break dancing videos but then I finally came closer to what I was looking for.  I was actually looking more for people like my man yesterday but this Irish man took the Gold medal.  He is freaking hilarious.  Apparently he is a regular on Grafton Street in Dublin.   I have never been able to witness him up close and personal but this will be saved in my favorites for sure.
Giggle. laugh, joke, smile.  Dance in your office, on the street, at home.  Sing in the shower, your car or hell sing out loud outside.  Do whatever works to help you shift that energy.  Why?  Well to coin an old phrase…because your worth it:)

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