Man that was some Super Moon energy, huh?

That was some really crazy full moon energy over the past couple of days, right?  I bet you felt it.  I sure did.  This super moon in Leo is said to be the birth of the new you.  The beginning of a paradigm shift that has been preparing to take off for the past nine months.  This may or may not sound familiar to you but it definitely does for me that’s for sure.  Yesterday was one wild day.  In “The Happiness Project”  Rubin several times writes “it’s easy to be heavy, hard to be light.”  She goes on to share how hard it can be to be willing to be lighter, happier because of having a history of being heavy and weighed down with being pessimistic.  She writes about her own sarcastic nature and how creating the Happiness Project meant that she needed to be willing to let that go a bit in order to come into a happier, lighter self.  I could relate to this. The line also made me think how yesterday’s post about vulnerability  Vulnerable Me? Hell No! needed a follow up.  This occurred to me during a light moment at the beach, as it’s easy to say you should open up and be lighter, it’s much harder to do.

Previously I have stated that wellness is the process of living your fullest potential.  While I was chillin at the beach I thought “you can’t live in your full potential while at the same time guarding yourself against possible danger and fear lurking in the bushes.”  Right?  Living from a place of fear and living in your full potential are kinda diametrically opposed.  To make this tangible, it could be helpful to know that when fear kicks in a type of “hijack” happens as the amygdala gets activated signaling the fight/flight response.  Once the fight/flight response is activated, the body is now under the control of the danger alert messages sent by the amygdala.  So as you can see, it would be really hard to live to calmly go about living to your full potential if your body is worried about survival on a daily basis. Therefore embracing wellness means you really need to be able to step detach from fear stepping into the unknown and use faith as your flashlight.  If you have been following my posts, you know that this was clearly never me.  There have been times I followed my heart in the past but generally speaking, I followed what seemed logical, rational and safe.  Following faith or the messages of the soul were for other people, definitely not for me.  But here I am, following the yellow brick road of my heart, embracing wellness and my potential on a moment by moment basis.  Y

The path from fearfulness to fearlessness needs to be gradual for it to stick.  I have previously talked about the different healing modalities I have used to shift my energy to detach from fear.  My body got high jacked for a good many years.  That was just how I lived.  The ability to detach from my fears came through trusting others to help guide me.  It also helped to begin to be open to treatments such as acupuncture, supplements and intuitive guidance that I hadn’t been open to previously.  Yesterday, I mentioned that guarding that is there is there for a reason.  You may have needed it to survive your past.  Now the key is to remember that you are a big boy or girl so if you need the protection to survive it is because you are choosing people and places to be that are reinforcing that the world is a scary place.  As I mentioned yesterday, it’s these choices that are determining our present and our future.  The past is the past, it happened and we can’t change it.  All we can do is make better decisions in the here and now to take care of our selves.  It’s hard to take ownership over these patterns but once you do you will see that it is empowering; making way for change.  I find these days that I don’t need the protection I once did so I live more from my gut of what feels right.  I am more tapped into my intuition and therefore able to “just go with the flow” more easily than I would have in the past. These days I find it pretty easy to be light. Spirituality, as you may have noticed, has also been a big part of this process.  Opening up, trusting your gut, living from your truth are a way that you are connecting to spirit.  I am not necessarily talking about God per se, but some sense of a Universal spiritual energy.  Tapping into this energy has definitely brought me into living my fullest potential thereby bringing me into a state of wellness.

Your process of becoming more vulnerable is your own.  It will be as fast or as slow as it needs to be. Creating a foundation of safety and love is crucial in order for it to occur.  Self love is the most important love of all.  So embracing loving kindness is key.  May you be safe, May you be happy, May you be healthy, May you live with ease.

Namaste and Cheers:)


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