The Happiness Project

And so it begins…my new chapter, my real life as Colin Hay puts it in his song.  But no longer waiting. And of course tea wuld be a
part of it right?  I mean I love tea, LOVE tea, black tea, herbal tea sometimes green (although that is just because I know it’s healthy not because it’s my fav.) So welcome to You and Me with Tea, the next step in the next chapter.  You and Me with Tea,  is the online healing forum of my business Your Health Healing, which was born out of my own healing process..Those that know me, know the story.  For those that don’t, my story is not very different from most, which is why I share parts of it.  Five years ago I was burnt out, sick; actually very sick.   So sick that I had a “sinus infection” for two months and no amount of antibiotics was curing it. I was also suffering with digestive issues which were longstanding brought on by stress. I was feeling suffocated in many areas in my life and so too was my breathing and digestion.  I had already started the beginnings for a new path through a yoga teacher  training, but the way in which I had begun was not healing at
all.  In fact, it was representative of a lot of relationships in my life at that time which were suffocating my spirit. So I up and quit the relationships that I could and the one that I couldn’t seem to quit at the time,  I got honest with that person.  This lead others to get honest with them which lead to change on a large scale. And thus began, my climb out of sickness and onto a path of healing.  The past five years have been quite a ride of change that continues to evolve. Release of grief and other emotions made room for hope.  This process took me down a road of embracing holistic health like never before.  This internal changes caused me to to shift how I work professionally..My path of healing has consisted of a hodge podge of amazing practioners and treatments including yoga, nutrition/lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements, kinesiology, cleanses, body work/massage, acupuncture (love), chiropractic care, astrology, intuitive guidance and tarot.  Traditional psychotherapy came before all of this and was invaluable.  And so….it is with that story that I share with you
the concept of Tea with Stephanie and then more specifically The Happiness Project.
I recently picked up “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin and immediately fell in love (and not in the self help “oh this is going to cure me” kind of way.) Maybe because it made me realize, while sitting at Crane Beach in Ipswich, that Whole Health Healing and Tea with Stephanie are my happiness projects.  I haven’t felt this happy in a very long time.  Six weeks ago, I said goodbye to a job I had been in for over a decade. The mixture of intense emotions about this decision were overwhelming.  I am now working part time in another facility and I have begun to clear the cobwebs, literally and figuratively, from my life. I now have time to sit in the sun with my tea, listening to the birds chirp on my fire escape which is so high up I feel like I can touch the clouds.  I worry and fret and get anxious like anyone that knows me would expect me to do.  But over time, that is happening less and less.  Happiness is settling in; pure joy; giddiness even.  I dance to music on the T ride to my new job.  Yes, when I say I dance, I do…in my seat.  I haven’t got up to bust a move although I think about doing that.  (I believe that this is due to me watching a non stop marathon of Alley McBeal which someday is going to end and just like the first ending, I will cry and be heartbroken and then I will go out and sit in the sun.)  I am having “the time of my life” to
coin a famous song.  Future blog posts will pick up on themes  from The Happiness Project and the science behind happiness but for now I will say that I waited a long time to embrace my own happiness.  I worked very hard to help others but not in a way that was serving me as a whole.  It served parts of me, but not all of me. I have broken the ties that bound me (a shout out to BRUCE) and
couldn’t be happier.  So here I am, happy, free to be me and ready to move forward and help from an open heart.
Hopefully, You and Me with Tea  can be an opportunity for laughter as well as enlightenment. Laughter has always been my medication of choice (acupuncture needles and kale are close seconds)  Information is power but information that is well balanced and grounded well
that’s….yes….priceless. This means you can expect to see posts and articles both from the scientific, more researched based model as well as spiritual model.  Mostly, I hope I can help inspire you all to find joy, happiness and love in their life.  Not the external, kind of love….like those stupid half heart necklaces that we had when we were young (yes I wore one and am horrified that I did) but the kind of love that makes it OK to sit in silence with the birds, tea and the breeze and know somehow, some way, everything will always be OK.


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