Myths & Realities


So often we possess limited beliefs and can become short sighted due to past conditioning and a lack of faith in the unseen.   Opening up to faith in something larger than what is tangibly obvious is something that entrepreneurs NEED to believe in as they manifest their ideas into existence. 

Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches about how our thoughts influence our emotions. He shares that we often wait for things outside of ourselves to occur in order to make us feel better.  But the inverse is actually where it’s at.  By believing we are already where we want to be and feel how we want to feel, we suddenly become open to seeing the possibilities for happiness and joy everywhere.  The moment we feel gratitude and wholeness we manifest this outside of ourselves in our lives.  Nerve cells that wire together, fire together.  So as we create new neural pathways through believing we already feel the way we want to, the old pathways of negativity and lack begin to die off.  If you begin with the thought that you are already that of which you want to become, you are more likely to get to where you would like to go.  It’s the ole “fake it ‘til you make it” concept.  Through feeling that you have “already arrived” so to speak, you begin to automatically change your behavior and how you interact with the world because you are seeing abundance instead of lack. And this is how, believing in what you can not see or yet prove, can help you actually feel the way you would like to feel right here, right now!

Stephanie Troy - meditative