Anchoring Resilience

“Building Healthy Communities, Building Healthy Lives.”

Stress has become a national epidemic in the U.S.

The Gallup Health Ways Well-Being Index surveyed 94,000 workers in the U.S. that were struggling with chronic health conditions caused by both work and home life stress.  The study found that there was a loss of $84 billion dollars due to lost productivity within this population.  In 2012, The American Journal of Health Promotions reviewe3d 62 studies of corporate wellness programs.  The findings were that corporations with wellness programs had a 25% decrease in sick leave, health plan, worker’s compensation and disability insurance costs.

Rather than focusing on eradicating stress, Anchoring Resilience focuses participant’s attention on utilizing mindfulness skills to help better manage stress. It teaches the foundational belief that embracing stress as a normal occurrence both in the workplace and at home can bolster resilience and help individuals better manage levels of stress as they occur.

This empowers individuals and shifts their perspective on how they experience stress during their work day.

The program is both educational and experiential.  The curriculum incorporates mindfulness meditation along with educational lectures on topics such as mindfulness, the effects of stress on the body and mind, skills to untwist thinking, the most up to date information on the connection between the gut and brain as well as yoga.

The participants will also be able to engage in interactive exercises to help facilitate learning and create a cohesive healthy work culture.

Anchoring resilience focuses on applicable skills that can be integrated into an individual’s daily work routine to help facilitate a more productive and healthier work environment.

While focusing on better managing stress that arises in the workplace, Anchoring Resilience simultaneously helps participants focus on how to better manage stress in their home life which has been shown to positively impact how one experiences stress on the job.

The program is facilitated in one hour sessions weekly for 12 weeks.  Participants receive a 60 page bound manual that includes handouts and homework that will be covered in a Power Point presentation during class each week.  The manual serves as resource guide that participants can continue to return after the program is completed.  It can provide a needed refresher on the skills and guidance provided throughout the program.

Anchoring Resilience fosters the building of healthy communities within the workplace thereby increasing the level of productivity and employee retention.

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